Hell Yeah! The Central Bank Of Nigeria just unveiled the world’s first digital bank note in the N100 (one hundred Naira denomination) to commemorate Nigeria’s Centenary.

Wondering what this digital bank note thingy is all about? Well, Mr. Emefiele the CBN Governor explained that the bank note is designed with enhanced security to offer robust resistance against counterfeiting. Here is a quote via PremiumTimes stating verbatim what the Governor explains.

“At the back side, the CBN introduced a feature called Quick Response Code, QRC. It is a feature that highlights and sources all the information about the centenary.

This makes the note the first digital banknote in the world”

centenary note

Now, with your tablets and android phone, you can scan the barcode that’s made visible at the back of the note to display the information of Nigeria’s history and the presidents face. See what the currency’s rear looks like.

Digital Bank Note

There are a bunch of features attached to the world’s first digital bank note which include a feature for the visually impaired.

Enough of the stories, the new note would be issued into circulation by December 19th 2014. What do you think about this?




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