Recentely the iPhone 6 was released, it is Apple’s current flagship smartphone, the gadget is one to talk of as it has lot of features. This device is cased wih an anodized aluminum shell, and comes with much rotund edges replacing the sharp-edged, flat-sided iPhone 5S.
This Gadget is now in Nigeria, I hope you’ll want to buy it? Actually paypal is the best method to buy online and Nigerians were given access to palpal some months back, I hope you’ll buy with your Paypal? For those who don’t have a Paypal account go ahead to buy this device with you smart card.

iPhone 6 for Sale In Nigeria on Konga

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Where can you buy this device? Konga Online Store.

Before we go further, I think there are few things you need to know about the iPhone 6. Lets see..

What You Need To Know About Your iPhone 6

  • The iPhone 6 comes with a unique look although before the realeas we all had in mind that this gadget would have a new look. It’s no more for iPhones to have squared edge, this device emerged with a rotund edge.
  • The iPhone 6 has a much more bigger screen that the iPhone 5S. At 4.7-inches, this goes well beyond the simple screen-lengthening exercise of the iPhone 5, it’s both longer and wider.

    The result is a resolution of 1334 × 750, which is ever so slightly sharper than the 720p resolution adopted by most Android phones of a similar size.

  • It’s the A8 processor. Apple has always kept precise details on clock rates to itself. iPhone 6 It’s still built on a dual-core 64-bit architecture, I guess this is the most here is in power efficiency.

    Apple has built the A8 chip using a 20nm manufacturing process, which is a step on from the 28nm A7.

  • Unfortunately the iPhone 6 has come with a battery that don’t last quite long in a single charge, this is sad news anyway.

    Fortunately, the increase in general size has made space rfor a significantly bigger battery than the 1,560mAh unit found in the iPhone 5S.

  • This is one of the most exciting feature if you don’t call it the most exciting feature on the iPhone 6. This is a mobile payments system, Apple Pay, which will ultimately enable youto ditch your wallet and pay for goods at retail with a swipe or tap of your iPhone 6. It’s similar to Google Wallet
  • There isn’t any Joy when hearing of the camera of this gadget. Apple has decided not to boost the camera for the iPhone 6. The camera range still is 8MP juss like the iPhone 4S back then.

    Although Apple has improved the iPhone 6’s camera with some spices, this is a rebranding of the previous camera’s. There’s a wider f/2.2 aperture for speedier, brighter shots, and Apple has dramatically improved the camera’s image processing capabilities.

  • It seems as if the iOS 8 was naturally optimised for the iPhone 6. IOS 8 is the Apple’s new mobile operating system. Announced back in June at WWDC, where it was shown off on the iPhone 5S, iOS 8 sees a whole bunch of improvements and general refinement added to the radical design overhaul that was iOS 7.
  • You don’t like to hear this, the iPhone 6 is like a bananna :p.
    What do I mean? All I’m trying to say is that the iPhone 6 can be squeezes in your pocket, as the rumour, video’s, photo’s and article have been set online showing how the iPhone 6 bent in a mans pocket after sitting for about 2hrs in a bus. Lols….

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How Much Do Konga Sell This Device?

Probably this gadget is not for every body, it’s for the rich like you, and I’m sure you’ll love to purchase one.

*. iPhone 6 16GB Gold = N210,000

*. iPhone 6 16GB Silver = N210,000

*. iPhone 6 16GB Space Grey = N210,000

*. iPhone 6 64GB Gold = N230,000

This is am awesome device anyway buy the price is a scary one, if I’m going for any it shoud be the “Gold”. Which one will you go for?


  1. Hey Larry Frank,
    Though i am not nigerian but got to know more about Iphone 6 using this blog post. What do you think about Iphone 6 plus? it bends, is that a defect or just a marketing strategy as apple has announced it later when some people have faced this bending of iphone 6 plus issues? What you say?
    ~Nitin Singh


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