Contrary to what majority of the people believe, the popularity of Nokia Lumia 1020 is just limited to its 41 MP camera. It’s true that the camera is the most highlighted feature of this great smartphone, but it has got plenty of other features apart from the camera that makes it a strong contender it in its range. Obviously, the camera software that it has is also one of a kind.


A Superb Camera Greets You

Nokia Lumia 1020 is making an entry into the market within a few days after the launch of Apple iPhone 5S. Critics suggest that Apple has run out of ideas and promoted just the fingerprint ID and a range of updates copied from Android, but Nokia wanted to do something very different.  The 41 MP camera detailing is much far better than any cameras that you will currently see in modern smartphones. Nokia has even introducing a camera grid addon that will come with an extra battery and socket available for a tripod.

With Lumia 1020 Nokia is going to give a tough time to not only to the other smartphones but few standard cameras as well. The low light performance of the camera is much enhanced than the standard cameras. The camera copes with the surrounding with much ease and the images thus produced by this great device are sharp and clear. If you have a love for street photography then for photographer the camera will feel exactly like a DSLR camera for a beginner. You may not seem confident after seeing the tiny lens of the camera, however it offers a much superb performance then you will anticipate.

Offering Superb Performance

The device is powered by the slick and powerful Windows 8 OS and a decent storage space of 64 GB which is quite decent keeping the high storage required for high resolution pictures in mind. Being a Lumia series phone there are absolutely no doubt about the great build, battery life and call quality of the phone. The interface of both the camera as well as the device is quite appealing and easy to use. Moreover, the camera software that is used in Lumia 1020 is also pretty superb and complements the device in a great way. This device will surely gather a lot of popularity not only because of its unique camera but also as a complete package.

What It Lacks?

This mobile smartphone is a great one and is really making waves in the smartphone market, but he only stumbling block perhaps in Lumia 1020 is that Windows 8 lacks million of apps like Apple and Google’s Android. However, with a more enhanced support for the Microsoft Apps, you will get hands on some of the quality apps.



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