I guess the title must have drawn your attention, I must tell you there are many simple yet ignored practices that can kill your blogs (SER).


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This might not have come accross your mind but “Yes” it wastes your page rank, you might be suprised to hear me say it wastes your Page Rank, let me tell you more about it.

Most blogs use this layout for their home pages.
On the home page you get
* The title of a post linked to post.
* A featured image close to the post title linked to post.
* A short excerpt discribing what the post is all about
* A “read more/continue reading” either image or text also linked to post.

This is one wrong layout you’ve got, let me give some explainations.
Like i said earlier it wastes your Page Rank, your blog’s home page has a fixed or should i say set amount of Google PageRank this PageRank is equally shared among all the links in your homepage.
Meaning if your homepage is PR10 and you are having 20 links on your homepage, each link has 0.5 (10/20 = 0.5) if you decrease the number of links on your home page to10 all your links should now be awarded a PR1 (10/10 = 1).

So you can now see if you have had just one link from your homepage to a post, the pagerank of the post will increase and the probability of smart visibility search engine will be high, it’s also beneficial in organic search ranking.

How Do You Get Rid Of This
One posible meanse to get rid of this is removing “Read More” link and let your readers click a post from the title, removing the “Achieve Widget” from your blog will also be of great help.
This will go a long way to improving your search visibility.



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