If you are a enterpreneur from Nigeria, I’m sure you’d agree with me when I say receiving funds from completed tasks is one of the hardest parts of the trade. The other day, I completed a writing task for a client in India, and when it was time to get my money, we went through lots of hassles that I ended up giving up on the money.

Back in the day, to make money from rendering freelance services such as writing, graphics design, web design, and their likes was pretty hard. There were no payment gateways that support and that pays to African countries – most especially – Nigeria.


However, many years down the line, wonderful tech-savvy companies like PayStack rose up to correct, and finally give Nigerians opportunity to earn from their passions, talents, skills, and creativity online.

In this article, you will learn some of the most prominent and high performing companies who runs wonderful payment gateways in Nigeria & their services.

Top 7 Payment Gateways in Nigeria And Their Services

1. InterSwitch

This is one of the leading payment gateways in Nigeria and their services are top-notch.

They are focused on helping individuals and organizations to easily transact and exchange value for money via the virtual space with less or none hassles.

If you are a web merchant who sells products or delivers services, InterSwitch has got you covered.

However, I got an intel that their setup fee is quite on the high side – about one hundred and fifty thousand (150k) naira to set up an account with them.

payments gateways in Nigeria

2. VoguePay

VoguePay is another very popular payment gateway whose service is quite impressive and mouthwatering.

I used them in the past, and some of my friends are still with them.

VoguePay, like InterSwitch, solves the dilemma of processing and accepting payment of your deliverables such as software programs and other intellectual properties.

So, if you are a seller and you desire a secure and very easy way to transact with your buyers, I’d suggest you make VoguePay your go-to online payment processor.

And hey, to set up a VoguePay account, you will need to have 1500 naira with a copy of your Corporate Affairs Commission Certificate), and 2500 naira with a Government issues Identity Card.

payments gateways in Nigeria

3. SimplePay

SimplePay is another wonderful payment gateway in Nigeria and it is fully integrated with Zenith GlobalPay, which makes it even more interesting and reliable.

If you know Zenith Bank, you will know they are one of the most reliable Banks in Nigeria and I can’t expect anything less from any company strongly affiliated to them.

With SimplePay you can easily and securely accept local and international payments using your Visa Card, MasterCard, and InterSwitch Card.

The setup fee is a whopping 300,000 naira!

payments gateways in Nigeria

4. PayU

Like other payment gateways listed here, PayU is also very wonderful and reliable payment gateway. Although, they offer their unique services in tiers. You might want to visit their website to check out what they are about and how they can help you grow your business to the next level.

payments gateways in Nigeria

5. PayStack

PayStack is relatively new to the payment processor scene, but what I can tell you is that these guys truly know their onions well and are doing everything within their reach and grasp to communicate and show to the world how effective their services are to the world.

I recently joined these guys and I can tell you that their services are truly top-notch, and if I were to score them on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d just score them 8 over 10, and I mean it!

In a nutshell, I think you should register with Paystack if you a Thought Leader who shares and want to sell his/her intellectual property in a portable format.

They have done the hard part of the job for you by providing a very easy and navigable platform for you to transact business with your consumers, no matter where they are in the world.

Trust me guys, these guys are the best. And did I tell you they recently included dollar transactions?

payments gateways in Nigeria

6. PayZa

Looking for a payment gateway that utilizes electronic commerce methods, remittances, operational corporate disbursements around the world?

Well, PayZa is already raising their long hands to show you they are here for you. These guys are one of the best and of course, universally recognized payment gateways.

You have no issue at all if you decide today to fly with their services because they deliver even above your own expectations.

7. GTPay

So, you have a website that is highly trafficked?

In fact, you run an e-commerce-based business where you sell different kinds of stuff and you are looking to integrate a payment gateway to be able to process and accept payments, but you don’t know how to get started doing that.

Well, you are in luck, GTPay is a great platform to leverage. They have made such that you can seamlessly integrate their tool with your website and immediately start receiving payments from your clients.

Below are some of the impressive payment solution GTPay offers:

–Provides a convenient alternative payment channel to all customers.
–Enables cardholders to pay merchants (our customers) for internet purchases of goods and services from the comfort of their offices/homes by supplying details of their local debit/credit cards.
–Ensures transaction amount is deducted from cards instantly and merchant’s account credited within 24 hours.

I heard that their setup fee is a little bit on the high side – 75000 just to set the ball rolling.

payments gateways in Nigeria

And there you have it. A comprehensive and detailed list of the best online payment processing platforms or best payment gateways as most would have it called in Nigeria. Hope you make a pick based on the service you feel best suits you.


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