This java midlets listed in the title of this post refers to the three best mobile web browsers in the world. Each has an advantage over the other on which i am about to post to you.

Opera Mini
Opera Mini is a java midlets browser that is been reffered to as the fastest in the world. It uses a server which skweezers te size of webpages for mobile phones use. It loads faster than all others but its limitations are:
It doesn’t stream Videos.
It doesn’t download jar

One of the best after Opera Mini, it has a function which is not on the opera mini.
Fuctions like:
It streams live videos.

Also a fast mobile web browser. Its advantage is that it downloads java midlets.
Its limitation is that it doesn’t load all pages. like a site. To load a wapka site you have to put /index.xhtml after the url.

You can get this applications at


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