There’s no question that cryptocurrency has become more noteworthy in the last few years. From the growing prominence of bitcoin to the rise of altcoins, a sort of hybrid tech and finance industry has emerged and is now being taken more seriously.

In large part, this is because of the potential of these cryptocurrencies as investment assets. In some cases, however, cryptocurrencies can be used as they were originally intended – as secure means of digital payment.

Places That Accept Bitcoin Online

For the most part, this applies to bitcoin, which is still the most ubiquitous and valuable of cryptocurrencies. We still haven’t reached the point at which your average morning latte purchase is conducted by bitcoin, at least in most cases. But these are five places you can use this cryptocurrency to buy goods and services.

1. Travel Booking

Travel booking has become arguably the most notable means by which to spend bitcoin over the last few years. Several travel sites accept the cryptocurrency for flights and hotel bookings. This might seem a little bit random at first thought, but it actually makes quite a lot of sense. International travel, in particular, might otherwise involve tricky exchange rates and currency dealing, whereas bitcoin is effectively universal, and thus simpler. It’s a natural place for bitcoin to become a preferred option.

2. Gifting Platforms

Gifting platforms are where you can use cash – or bitcoin – to purchase and send gift cards from any number of retailers. There are a lot of options in this category, but popular sites like eGifter and Gyft do actually take bitcoin. This is basically a means of extending bitcoin’s utility to retailers that might not otherwise accept it. For instance, if Best Buy doesn’t take bitcoin but you want to spend it, you can buy a Best Buy gift card through one of these platforms and facilitate the purchase anyway.

3. Casino Games

Online casino gaming has become a huge business, such that there are now countless sites to choose from for those who are interested. There’s a lot to consider when choosing one casino site or another, including software, game selection, security, etc. Now, however, payment method has been added to that list. Some known and trusted casinos have begun to accept bitcoin deposits, and in other cases brand new sites have been built specifically to work with cryptocurrency.

4. Special Product Shops

This is a fairly broad category, but what we’re referring to here is the idea that a lot of more independent or specialty shops online have taken to accepting bitcoin. For example, this list of sites that take the cryptocurrency includes platforms like “All Things Luxury” for fine jewelry, or “Kickass Kombat,” a site that sells Japanese martial arts weapons. These aren’t sites you’d fit into a broader retail category, but they speak to the idea that if you look around, you might just find something you’re hoping to buy available at a site working with bitcoin.

5. Large Online Retailers

Finally, as you may know, some larger online retailers have also made bitcoin purchasing an option. Overstock is probably the biggest name in this category, but a few others, such as Shopify, are also on board. These sites might offer the best overall opportunity to use bitcoin for an ordinary purchase now and then.

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