Going paperless means just one thing, it means replacing paper with gadgets. Instead of reading a material inscribed on a paper, you are obligated to read that material off a digital screen. Going paperless has shown positive results in many sectors, allowing them to cut down cost, and make daily activities faster and easier. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of pros and cons of a paperless classroom.

Pros and Cons of a Paperless Classroom

Pros Of  Paperless Classroom

Easy Material Management 
Going paperless in a classroom for effective management of academic materials. You do not need to print class materials. This saves time, reduces printing costs. Going paperless, allows you to easily edit documents, without having to re-print educational materials.
Educational materials can be stored online, and made accessible to all students. This way the lecturer won’t have to print numerous copies of the educational material. Students get educational materials in real time.
Enhanced Materials
Using paper printed over a long period of time leads to fading of characters, materials could also get torn. The reverse is the case for digital educational materials.
Using digital materials, you have nothing to fear, materials are stored in an online cloud, allowing students to retrieve them any time they are need of them.
Easy Transition from current materials
A more advanced method of preserving educational materials is one of the most important benefits of going paperless in a classroom. After creating them in a word processor, educational materials can be stored safely in a storage device.
Educational materials can be easily converted to different formats, a format that suite the document reader app in possession.

Cons Of  Paperless Classroom

Learning Curves

Going paperless essentially means papers will be replaced by digital gadgets. tablets, laptops, and the smartphone will replace traditional papers. These gadgets require extra knowledge to operate. Teachers and students would have to be trained and this can slow down the learning process.

Uploading and Storage 

Reading educational materials digitally on gadgets sounds fun, but having limited storage, can cripple that fun. If you have a gadget with low internal storage, you may find it difficult to save multiple educational documents per time, which may force you to delete previous materials, to create room for new ones.

This is not the case for papers, students have the liberty to store as many educational materials as they desire, without having to bother about space constraint.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of pros and cons of a paperless classroom. Reading through the article, you will find out that the pros outweigh the cons. The cons aren’t too much of a  problem for you, you are strongly advised to go with a paperless classroom.


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