Before I proceed with this post, I’ll firstly love to apologize to all our readers whose hopes where raised yesterday concerning the whole MTN free Giga byte ish. BTW, isn’t that’s what April Fool is all about? Playing Pranks on those people you love?

How I got Traffic using April Fool Joke

As a matter of fact, some other bloggers such as Jide and Linda have also leveraged this prank and I decided to give it a shot also. This was only done to get an in-depth analysis on how the prank could pull in traffic and email subscribers to one’s blog.

Here was I pulled my trick.

Most Nigerians always yearn for cheap/affordable data plans that would suite their data thirsty smartphones and would give anything in return for their chase. I however, seized the opportunity of April Fool’s day into letting them know (through a page I created on this blog) that one of the top ISPs was offering 2GB of internet data bandwidth for their customers above 2years, and for them to get the activation codes, they had enter their emails.

That was it. I posted the page to my social media account, and watched the traffic for the day climb. Here is a little statistics into the traffic and email subscribers accrued.

Traffic: There was a 22% increase in Traffic as compared to other days.

Email Subscribers: This blog got 169.4% increase in daily email subscribers as compared to previous days.

Other Things I did

  • I made sure I disabled all ads on the blog. Not necessarily because of the length of content on the page, but to reduce the number of distractions the readers where going to get. This was what resulted in the shoot in subscribers.
  • I placed a subscription form on the page for people to opt-in their mails generously, :).

Finally, I’ve placed an image on the page that explains that the whole post was a Fool’s day prank.

Note: I would not ever deceive my readers, as this was done to share the April Fool’s day love in the air.

Now I’ll love to hear your stories too. What prank did you play on April Fool’s day?



  1. Its okay.. Really did a crazy stuff on dat day, Told ma sister dat her fiancee smokes marijuana and role with bad niggas, na so she just call him and started cursing him neva not to call her line again and vexing.. I come tell her say na April fool and she come dey confuse on what to do now?

  2. Hi Oscar Frank;

    Happy following this tricky title down here. I really appreciate your effort to enlighten us about blog traffic!!!

    Do have a nice week bro.


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