Quickteller has really made life easier at least for me, ranging from the convenience in buying mobile recharge online, making fund transfers, paying my bills such as Gotv, DSTV, Startimes and more online.

If you are an active user of the fund transfer section of the Quickteller App or website, you must have noticed that you could easily make mistakes when you are transferring fund if you don’t keenly check your figures. All that is gone now as Quickteller has introduced bank account verification for fund transfers.


When I received the notice mail, I decided to make confirmations by trying a transfer out to one of my accounts and guess what? Once I selected the Bank, typed in the account number, and then selected the account type (which is either Savings or Current), the account owners name (mine) was immediately displayed in the Beneficiary Name form field. This would go a long way in curtailing the magnitude of errors people  make while doing their fund transfers on Quickteller.

An excerpt of Quickteller’s notice mail read “Quickteller now has bank account name verification for ALL banks for funds transfer transactions! This simply means that whenever you choose the bank you want to transfer funds to and type in the account number, the account name will automatically display. This therefore verifies that you are transferring funds to the right person!”

That’s actually a great move from the online payment and transfer giant.


  1. interesting feature….have once made mistake typing account number on quickteller which i lost the money to someone else.

  2. The feature is not working on my end. This is what I keep getting by the way.

    Beneficiary Name
    Could not confirm account details at the moment. Pls continue if you are sure.

  3. Hello, I was using quickteller on my previous Android phone, but then I changed my phone, I downloaded the app, then I login with the same email I use for the app on my previous phone, it was correct, then it ask for verification code, then it says I am already at verification code for my cellphone number,, I check inbox and I saw d verification code, I enter it, and it says validation expire…. How can i get new verification code, I need to use u my app as soon as possible

  4. please i have an issue whereby i wanted to transfer to my account from one bank to another and the name it displayed from quickteller is different from my name. please what do i do in this kind of situation?

  5. A nerd doesn’t refer to his/herself as a nerd. He or she is called that by other people….That being said, nice blog!


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