Facebook, is an extravagant application, used by millions across the World, It is used by several people who want to interact socially.

Facebook is the talk of the day and is easily available to everyone and therefore, utterly common in teenagers and young people.

Cocospy App

But there are several frauds and scams on Facebook and these may prove harmful for you and especially children of young age, frauds including various blackmailing, cyberbullying, Fake profiles and spamming is common on facebook nowadays.

Cocospy is a free application tool and an easily accessible application available for both the Android and IOS systems. It is a spying tool used to spy on messages and calls made by persons who are being spied and by parents to spy on their children.

Cocospy is highly appreciated by World famous web content producers such as PC World, New York Times, Top Ten Reviews, Life hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, Digital Trends, as well as life wire. These websites incur Cocospy as an extraordinary tool for foolproof spying purpose

Several people term hacking as an extensively difficult and hard process which needs a large amount of time and a great deal of money to perform it, But it is mostly wrong, Applications like Cocospy can help you to easily access the hard to seem processes and easily help you attain access to the account you want to spy on.

Many people ask questions regarding gaining access to an account without password like “How to Read Other’s Facebook Messages Without Password” and several other questions which seem difficult to answer but are very easy to be answered with help of Applications like Cocospy

Procedure in Hacking a Facebook Account

Step 1:

Firstly you will need to make an account on Cocospy, it is free and easily accessible and also available for both Android and IOS application systems.

Sign In

Step 2:

Secondly, you will have to root the target phone and provide access to the user phone to the target phone. This feature allows you to hack the target phone without letting the target person know.

Step 3:

Once you have run the Cocospy application on it, Hit the “Facebook” option in the Social media tab to begin your anonymous spying. Running this feature will let you know about the activities being done by the person on Facebook.

Cocospy Facebook Application

With the help of Cocospy Facebook Application, a user can know the following activities of the target person on the phone:

  • Complete access to the Facebook account of the user.
  • Messages being shared across the profiles.
  • Messages being sent
  • Messages being received
  • Access to the media files shared across the accounts
  • Profile picture of users, the target person is in contact with.
  • Spy on private group chats, messages in the chats and media files.


Do I Need To Jailbreak The Phone?

No, there is no need to jailbreak the phone in order to use the Cocospy application. You will just need to root the target phone and download the Cocospy application in it for free.

Cocospy’s Phone Locator

Cocospy is the most reliable and trustworthy monitoring application, used by millions online. Cocospy Phone Tracker App , helps you to track the daily activities of a person on your phone for free. Various types of spying can be done from it like:

1. Text Message Spying

Cocospy allows you to spy on text messages being sent or received by the target phone and lets you to know whom the person is in contact with.

Text Message Spying

2. Call Tracking

Cocospy helps you to know the call logs and call history by the call tracking application, thus, helping you to know who is placing the call and what types of calls are being made or being received on the target phone.

Call Tracking

3. Location Tracking

Cocospy’s Application tools also include the location tracking apps that help you to trace the phone in a real-time manner and get to know the live location of the phone if the target phone or person goes missing. The application shows the location through GPS technology.

Location Tracking

4. Geo-Fence Alert

The Geo-Fence alert is another Cocospy application which is a very useful application to be used by the parents particularly, Geo-Fence alert is a utility tool which forms a boundary or marked territory across a permissible space.

Geo-Fence Alert

It then restricts the person location to the allowed territory, if the person violates the boundary, the user will come to know that the violation has been made by the target person through a warning notification.

5. Social Media Tracking

The fifth application tool of the Cocospy includes the social media tracking tools which let us spy on Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Viber and Whatsapp Etc. It lets us know about the social media activity of a person including the messages, group chats, media files shared across the profiles and complete ID’s of the person, the target person is in contact with.

Facebook spy Application can help you to spy on the person’s Facebook messages without letting the target person know and hence you can hack the facebook of a person just by rooting the target phone. Once you have gained access to it, you can check out either the messages or media files being shared, free of cost.

Last Words

Cocospy application for Facebook is a free spying tool application that helps you to gain access to the target phone remotely and spy on the activities being performed on it. As a parent, it is highly advised for you to use this application in order to keep a track of all the activities of your child so you can guarantee a safer experience for the time spent on the internet by your child.

NB: This article is only meant for educational purposes and we won’t be held liable for whatsoever action you take after reading through this post.


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