If you are observant, you probably must have noticed a lot of things hasn’t been going the way they used to down here ranging from the irregular blog updates, slight changes in our CSS styling, and all that. Well, I know I’ve got a whole bunch of explanations to give and I’ll try my best to be reasonable with what I’ve got to say :).

We’ve been growing successfully no doubt in the few months back and lots of things have been cool for sure, but there was and still remains a gap out there we have to fill in the Nigerian internet sphere and guess what it is, a Tech community where users can share and solve their tech related problems, ask questions, review tech products and lots more.

Over the years of our existence, we had actually wanted to fill in this gap and have worked tirelessly and finally arrived at a way to this.

We decided to move our forum formerly located at our subdomain forum.oscarmini.com (SMF) into www.oscarmini.com/forum (bbPress) in order to build a community around the site.This would give our users the ease to switch between the forum and blog, leave comments, ask questions and  get instant answers and lots more.

There are lots of benefits attached to creating an account on Oscarmini’s tech portal and becoming an active community member.

Why You Should Join The Cause

1. We would be closing comments from guests and only registered users would be able to leave comments down here. I know it kinda hurts and would reduce our comment rate for a start, but it’s worth it as quality is our priority. Registering an account would make it possible for you to easily leave comments without having to fill in forms.

2. You will gain full access to our forums where you’ll meet like minds across the globe discussing what you love, TECH, and all this would be for free.

3. You’ll be notified whenever their are members giveaways, such giveaways won’t be for unregistered readers but would be exclusively reserved for community members, therefore registration is a huge step in the right direction.

We down here at  Oscarmini would really appreciate seeing your activities, do well to create an account today and leave your valuable thoughts below.

Note: If you already have an account with our former forum, you do not have to create a new account. You simply have to make use of the reset password link to gain full access into your account.

For our contributors, you can still use your same login details to access our forum.

The Design is still in process and not yet finalized. Expect more updates to roll out in coming days.

Thanks as we work towards achieving our dreams together, the best tech community in Nigeria. Make sure you REGISTER and leave your comments below.



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