Over the last decade, there has been a tremendous evolution in the domain of handheld devices making people more interested in getting their daily work activities hover around them. One aspect that remains evident is the fact that everyone is picking up a tablet to probably help them at work. You might be thinking the daunting task here would be what brand to pick.

why you need a tablet

Well, there are quite a whole lot of brands out there to make your choice pick. But have you ever thought about the actual reasons why you need a tablet? If you think you have and would love to own one, here are a couple of more reasons to fuel you to action in getting a tablet for yourself.

1. Entertainment

Remember the old saying “All Work and no Play makes Jack a Dull Boy” ? That’s one reason a tablet needs be by your side. If you’ve probably worked all day and need a gadget to chill out with, a Tablet should be your best bet. Their are lots of options to keep you entertained ranging from the numerous Games you can install, Music you can download and listen to, Videos you can stream and also share photos. A tablet is one fun thing to own to keep yourself entertained.

2. Portability

You can actually take your tablets around places you wouldn’t dare take your laptop. For sure, laptops are great and a tablet wouldn’t replace most activities you run with your laptop, but tablets can perform most functions such as using them to take notes during meetings or lectures.

They are also designed to be light weight and can be easily carried around rather than moving about with a laptop in your bagpack.

3. It Makes Great eReaders

Come to think of it, there’s almost no book out there that doesn’t have an eVersion. You can download your books, lots of them in this case and read all from same device instead of carrying piles of books which would definitely weigh you down. I find it interesting reading with a tablet as I can easily search the web for more resources if need be, or even download more PDFs or Ebooks related to what I’m reading using same device.

4. They Are Cheaper Than Laptops

I’ll still say that I’m not trying to propose the motion that tablets are total replacements for laptops, but considering the fact that most things such as taking notes, editing files and other basic things you’ll do with your laptop can exactly be replicated using a Tablet, why spend the money on a laptop.

If you are on a low budget and can’t afford coupling a PC for yourself, a Tablet should be your best bet.

5. Longer Battery Life

The truth is that I have to plug my HTC One to power source at least twice a day when I use it to surf the web, more so my laptop would average a 3-hour usage and demand been plugged to power. Tablets on the other hand can withstand heavy usage unlike laptops and smartphones, and this is one great reason you should get one for yourself.

6. Tablets Don’t Crash

“OMG! My Laptop just crashed”. Those are the kind of yells we hear from people using laptops and desktops, but if you are using a Tablet for your jobs, you are sure not to get such sad times as a quick restart would resolve a thousand issues.

For sure, tablets must have their own downsides, but trust me, the PROs outweigh the CONs . Owning and using a tablet always make me feel like a man from the future.

Now what? Are you heading over to the nearest mobile store to pick a tablet for yourself? You definitely would love every bit of the experience (owning a tablet). Do let me know your thoughts on this using the comment section.


  1. Wow Oscar,
    This is really amazing. I now see several more interesting reasons why I should have purchased an iPad for my job long time ago. This is definitely a nice piece you’ve put up here sir. Thanks a ton for the insight. Would get myself a tablet this week.

  2. Quite a great piece.
    Ever since I got mine, things have become much more easier for me as I can quickly attend to my clients on the go without having to lay hands on a laptop.


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