Great news! It’s the new update by google adsense that enebles publishers in Nigeria Publish recieve their adsence earnings directly into their bank accounts.

Google adsense working hard ard have as well proven to be the Best Ad Network Since this years, and now they’ve come up with this great innovation, which is called ‘Wire Transfer’, this Wire transfer is the best alternative for all Nigerian publishers, it’s a fast, secure, and reliable alternative to receiving payments.

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The new wire transfer payment is free, you won’t be charged a dime, and also with this change, Google would be discontinuing express delivery secure checks and courier tracking numbers. I guess this is beneficial to all Nigerian publishers, let me be detailed, as part of this upgrade, your earnings will begin to accrue in U.S. Dollars to match your selected payment currency, to me this is the aspect i dislike.

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How To Update Your Payment Proccess
* Login to your adsense Account
* Click on the Payment Settings.
* Click on the “Add a New Form Of Payment” button.
* Tick on Wire Transfer Check button to load the form for bank details.
* You will be required to fill in the following
– Bank Account Name,
– Bank SWIFT Code,
– Bank Name,
– Your Domiciliary account number.
Click On SAVE. If you dont have a dormiciliary account, you need to meet your bank and create one.

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List of Some of Popular Banks in Nigeria That Operate This Kind of Account
+ Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)
+ Zenith Bank Plc
+ Equitorial Trust Bank
+ Fidelity Bank
+ United Bank of Africa (UBA)
+ First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
Eco Bank, and lots more.

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The above listed banks are no the only banks in Nigeria that operate the domiclary account, the listing by no means indicates their rating, i currently use the ‘Guaranty Trust Bank’ (GTB). You should make enquiries from those banks, and find the one that suites you best, you can also get it online via The Swift Codes.
Happy Blogging and Fat Earning 🙂 !!!


  1. Great alternatives of google adsense. It’s good to see that there are also other ways to make money without adsense due to it’s hard approval and strict TOS which we have to take care of certain things to stop
    violating AdSense policies. However Adsense is the best advertising program to monetize any blog but if did’nt get approval or got banned from it then these alternatives are the best way to monetize any blog… of certain things to stop
    violating AdSense policies .Thanks a lot for sharing.


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