If you accidentally deleted your blog posts on blogger, do not panic, here are two ways you can recover your blog post.

1. Using Google Cached pages on search engine

2. Using Feeds.

How to recover your deleted blogger post

1. Using Google Cached Pages.

If your blog isn’t pretty young and you have your posts indexed on google search engine, then this method is for you.

Simply visit ‘www.google.com’ ,¬† now in the search box, type in ‘site:yourdomain.com’ . Replace ‘yourdomain.com’ with your domain. For¬†instance, this blog would be ‘site:oscarmini.com’ , then hit the search button.

The indexed posts would appear, now scroll down to any, below the link, click on the Cached link. Here is what it would look like.

recover deleted blog post on blogger

After clicking the Cached link, the post would appear, now you can copy the post title and content, login to your blogger dashboard and make the blog post again. The permalinks and social shares would remain same.


If you blog has not been indexed by Google Search Engine, then the second method is for you.

2. Using Feeds

This method requires that you subscribed to you blogs feeds by email.

Simply log in to the mail you used in subscribing for the feeds, search for all mails from your feed.

Now you do have a backup copy of your posts. You can copy it.

Log in to your blogger dashboard, create a new post, then paste the copied post as a new post, but with same title so as to retain the permalinks.


I hope this blog post was helpful.



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