Believe me, accepting poor quality contents in form of guest articles would surely hunt you in future. You might wonder why I say so, but that’s the truth. I remember when I started out blogging, I accepted poor quality contents and I had to do a whole lots of edits lately in order to match up my blogging standard. This was really tedious, and prompted me to write this article in order to educate fellow bloggers who would love to venture into Guest Blogging on the guidelines they need to take in order to get their articles approved on authority blogs. If you do not match up with the standards I’m about to outline, then you are not yet set for Guest blogging.

Why your Guest Posts are rejected

In recent times, I no longer accept most guest articles if they do not meet up these basic requirements. Not only does poor quality content harm your blog in terms of the repute and trust you have created for your readers, it also harms your blog on Search Engines. It is an obvious fact that Big Google no longer takes crappy content to the top of the first page,  as they say content is king and this is true not only for your readers, but also for your Ranking in search Engines. Anyway,If you want me to send your guest post on my blog to the trash, then fall for any of the mistakes listed below.

5 Reasons I Won’t Publish Your Guest Post

1. Using Short SMS Words

For Pete’s sake, a blog article isn’t an sms, so why must it be written with all those short forms of writing. If you write a blog post and send it over to me with short words like “U” replacing “YOU” and other subsequent words, I will term you to be an unserious blogger and you will have me left with no other option than to send your article to the trash can. When writing a blog post, make sure you make use of complete words or full words instead of short sms words.

2. Does The Post Fit In My Niche?

After I go through your blog Guest Post, you should be able to convince me with your content that this post is strictly Niche coherent to that of my blog. You shouldn’t submit a totally different niche article, say, a health blog post to a Tech site. The host blogger in question would definitely not publish such an article on their blog if it does not fit in their niche, or should I say I definitely won’t do that.

3.  Poor Grammar

If your blog post is one filled up with grammatical blunders or typographical errors, your host blogger would not have the time to edit such post. There are basic 6 things you need to do before publishing a post of which one important point is proofreading. Proofreading involves you going over your written blog post to check for typos before sending them in for publishing. This usually is the major problem of most guest bloggers and I usually don’t accept such articles because they are of no benefit and would infact scare your readers away from your blog.

4. Uniqueness of Content

Recently, I had a case where a guest author sent an article to two of my blogger friends who published the same post without knowing. After about a day, he also sent the exact same article as a guest post to me. I did a copyscape and discovered it was on other two blogs. I had to inform the other two bloggers who hurriedly deleted the post at once. If I discover that your article has been written somewhere else, meaning, you have already submitted the same article elsewhere, you sure can bet that I won’t approve the guest post. Publishing copied content can get you penalizes by major search engines like Google.

5. If the Article Has Already Been Covered

Sometimes, most bloggers have a lot of blog post they have written in stock and are simply looking for blogs where they can just submit those articles to. Majority of the guest authors do not have that single minute to go through your blog to check it the article they are about to cover has already been covered on your blog. Most times, they send in articles that I already have covered on my blog, I simply mail them with a link to the already published version on my blog. Some might send you a new blog post, while others won’t. Anyway, I don’t accept subjects already discussed in my blog, even despite differences in the blog titles.


Summarily, I would have to advice that if your blog Guest Posts have ever been rejected and  for those who intend sending guest post to other blogs, avoiding the above outlined points is a key way to avoid your guest posts from been rejected.

Feel free to use the comment box to let us know your views on this.



  1. Duplicate post is really a problem. Those article marketers are now targeting the blogs when the value of article directories are diminished. They’ll push your blog to the fate of those article directories if you are not careful to pick the guest posts wisely. I do not accept posts from strangers except the fellow bloggers in my niche.

    • That’s simply what I noticed, these article marketers are all driving blogs to the fate of article directories, choosing wisely your guest posts is just they key to avoid doom.Thanks for your contribution.

  2. Great Post. I understand why you would reject someones guest post if you in turn would have to go back and edit the majority of the post. Great tips you have here, thanks for sharing.

  3. Great Post! I have had a few people ask to be a guest blogger but never really gave this much thought. These are all valid reasons and ones I will keep in mind the next time someone asks. Thanks for sharing Chery 🙂

  4. Really don’t a blogger have time to edit a guest post with a lots of misspelling.
    Thnx great post buddy.

  5. All protocols are fully observed in this post, as you really touched every aspect that are touchable. but is it at the right sense for someone to send copied materials as guest post to an author ? i dont think its a good idea. Nice post bro

  6. Guest blogging is a good means of getting content but only when it matches my criteria, i am very strict about this on my blog and if you cannot meet my standard then i won’t publish your content. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips.

  7. We are always looking for good guest bloggers… but sometimes people send us things we just are not looking for… like stated above!

  8. “5 Reasons Why I Would Reject Your Guest Post” – The Post title itself looks very catchy. And the content just makes it perfect.

    Thanks Oscar.

  9. thank u for informing us Oscar about your criteria in choosing guest post. 🙂 i will also use that criteria in choosing guest post on my own blog

  10. Hey Bro,
    Each one has different reason for not accepting guest post as i do have some conditions for approving guest post on my blog sure this makes for others to have attention before getting publish other posts on our blog thanks for sharing nice post 🙂

  11. These are the guidelines that every blogger should follow before submitting an article on other blogs to be published.thanks for sharing them with us.


  12. Nice post oscar….i will definately have this criterias in mind when i’m preparing my next guest post on your blog.

  13. Guest post is always subjected to proper scrutiny, and that is the more reason it may take a while before it is been published, if not; the image and integrity of the blog will definitely be jeopardized.

  14. Great guide for those of us who stil accept Guest post and you might have forgotten about Excessive self serving links on post which i hate so much, secondly some guest authors no longer want to add links in bio but inside the main body just to get more traffic and dofollow which i don’t like


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