Lately, I’ve written on a similar article to this but this time, I will be letting you know what the requirements are for domestic flights in Nigeria. If you’ve not read the article on Booking and boarding a domestic flight in Nigeria, please do so.

Requirements for Local Flights in Nigeria

Want to book a flight for your next travel within Nigeria and you are wondering what the requirements in form of identification and all would be, especially if it’s your first time? Here in this post, I bring you a comprehensive, yet concise list of the requirements. Domestic flights operate between Lagos and Maiduguri, Abuja, Kaduna, Benin City, Enugu, Kano, Jos, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Sokoto, Yola and some other states.

Vital Information Required of You as a Flight Passenger

1. Valid Means of Identification

One thing you’ll be needing the most is a valid means of identification. There are a couple of government-issued identification cards that can stand in for your means of identification and they include your driver’s license, Voters Card, Passport and even your national ID card. Make sure it’s accurate, and there are no contradictions with the rest of your travel documents. And look out for the expiring date, so make sure it’s not about to expire (or expired.) An expired ID can definitely get you held up, especially if you don’t have a backup form of identification.

2. Get a Traveling Insurance

I also urge you to purchase a travel insurance though it’s not something that would be mandatory. But this will help in the prevention of losses in case of baggage theft, flight delays or any unwanted situations as per the term and conditions.

3. Check-in

One thing you do not want to have done is missing your flight. It is important for you to note the check-in times and that you check-in two (2) hours before boarding a domestic flight if it’s your first time. For passengers who stay far from the airport, you could sleep over to make your flight if that would be possible for you.

4. Identification at the Airlines

Note that for local flights it is mandatory that the travelers provide a valid identification card with a picture before he/she is allowed to board the flight. Please while collecting your tickets ensure that the names were written match the one on your identification card as some security agencies are insistent that you cannot go through if the ticket and identification are at variance.

5. Avoid Drug Abuse

The most common cause of a passenger acting awkwardly is due to intoxication. The availability of alcoholic beverages on airlines and at airports enables passengers to drink excessively before and during flights. Other causes include the use of drugs (prescription or illegal).

6. Security Check

Have it in mind that you will still have to present yourself at the departure lounge where you will be subjected to security checks. You will be required to put your phone on airplane mode or kindly put it off, jacket, laptop outside for inspection. And you will not be permitted to travel with a luggage above the estimated luggage weight of a traveler.

Nota Beuno: You are advised not to forget any important document before leaving for the airport and most of all, you are highly advised to adhere to simple instructions from the crew. Other than that, these are the basic requirements while flying in Nigeria.

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  1. Thanks for the write-up. Can temporary identification be used, such as temporary voter’s card or the slip issued before national ID card?


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