Similar to other sectors, restaurants have begun receiving technological advancements, a lot of the problems faced by restaurants have been fixed by technology. Customers do not have to wait in ques anymore to purchase food, food can be ordered from your home e.t.c In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of best Restaurant technology trends.

Restaurant technology trend

1. Facial Recognition Payment Technology

The past few years have seen the implementation of facial recognition in security systems. Today we have facial recognition systems in the majority of our smartphones, tablets, laptops e.t.c. It is no surprise that restaurants have begun adopting facial recognition system, for making payments. There is a high chance that you will be requested to use your face as a means of payment approval when next you go to a restaurant. Upon complete implementation by restaurants, the cashless policy will be given a huge lift.

2. Self Hosted Online Ordering

Ordering foods from a restaurant website have become a norm these days. There are times when customers cannot leave their current locations but desire a refill of their stomach. The need to order food online, and getting delivered to your doorstep is very essential.

Most restaurants today have self-hosted websites that power these online ordering of food. customers log on to these websites, to make their orders. Orders made are then delivered to their doorsteps.

3. Complete Self Service Checkout

Complete self-service checkout reduces the time customers spend in the counter, to finalize their payments for food purchased. Instead of having a cashier finalize payments for food purchased. The whole process is automated. Customers do not have to wait in line. Payment is done speedily.

4. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is another technology, that has managed to find its way into different sectors today. Virtual reality, actual putting on VR headsets, which will then immerse them in a virtual world, cutting off the stock reality.

With Virtual reality, Newly employed employees can take virtual classes, which will have them prepared for real-life situations in a restaurant. managers do not have to spend a lot of time training their staffs. Virtual reality also reduces the number of resources wasted by learning employees during the learning process.

5. Bluetooth Temperature Sensors

Bluetooth temperature sensors is another technological trend, that has grown to become part of restaurants today. It makes HACCP (food safety) check easier. Using handheld probes and fixed sensors, restaurants can manually and automatically measure temperatures of key assets in seconds.

Restaurants use Bluetooth monitoring systems to ensure their food and equipment maintains standard. Bluetooth temperature sensing devices let restaurants set customized limits or their foods and equipment, alerting them when temperatures go beyond the threshold.

6. Optimized Schedule Makers/Scheduling Software

keeping to time is very imperative for restaurants, because the delivery of food, has to be met on demand. Thanks to thoughtful thinking, there is software that has been developed to help restaurants keep up to schedule. With this software, managers can generate and distribute a weekly schedule to all employees seamlessly.

7. Automated purchasing Tool

No hungry customer wants to be told there is a shortage of food. It is very important that the restaurant remains in stock, having enough food to serve at all times. Automated Purchasing tool saves restaurant owners the headache of monitory the stock of food.

An Automated purchasing tool is a digital tool that helps restaurant managers stay on top of their stock by alerting them of product levels. They suggest intelligent purchasing recommendations based on vendor product lead times, forecasted sales quantities and custom par levels.

8. Kiosks/ tabletop tablets

Tabletop tablets are replacements for physical cash registers. With these tabletop tablets,  Orderign food items at the counter just became a lot faster, customers no longer have to stand in long ques to place their orders. customers are able to browse the menu, create customized orders, and pay for their meal entirely on their own on these tablets. Customers also get suggestions here.

9. Digital table/ Reservation manager

Digital reservation managers help settle the inconvenience of coming to a well-known restaurant, without having to a table. With digital reservation managers, customers can reserve tables for themselves digitally, before stepping foot in the restaurant. Apart from booking table reservations, digital table managers also suggest optimal seating arrangements based on time.

10. Predictive Ordering

Predictive ordering is a technique used by restaurants today to monitor needed stock. Restaurants can keep tabs on the demand customers will be placing per season. Predictive ordering analyzes a restaurant’s previous ordering patterns and sales history to predict what will be needed as well as when it will be needed. Predictive ordering can significantly reduce food waste and human error. This technology helps saves time spent in making a list of relevant items to be stocked.

There you have it – a comprehensive Restaurant technology trends. If you have any personal contributions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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