Today, we will be intensively discussing the latest launch from OPPO company, OPPO Find X. In this detailed review article, you will find all you need to know about the OPPO Find X, beginning from things like the day of launch, it’s unique features and down to all its panoramic design.

The OPPO Find X which was launched on August 4, 2018, and runs on the Color OS (Android 8.1 Oreo) is a super well-designed smartphone with special features that will take your mobile user experience to a whole new level.

The OPPO Find X is a huge leap in design and you can see this in its panoramic arc screen with an integrated design that offers an enhanced grip and an amazing viewing experience and also offers a user-friendly interface. The smartphone shows off great effects with the camera that houses lots of advanced features like the multiple sensors, 3D Face Recognition, and many other great features.


Looking at this smartphone, you will notice it has all the features and meets the requirements of being classified into the 2018 mobile flagship. The body of the OPPO Find X is smoothly curved and is made up of just metal and glass. If you don’t carefully observe this device, you may mistake it to be the Samsung Galaxy S9 because it has the Samsung-like concept and you can see this in the way the OPPO Find X screen curves around the body. But if you optically observe properly, you will see the difference in the incredible high screen-to-body ratio.

You can bearly find any bezel on the sides and top of the OPPO Find X, while at the bottom of this device is a very tiny chin. The device is 93.8 percent screen, almost unbelievable and the most amazing thing about this is that the device has no notch; Unlike the iPhone X that has 82.9 percent screen, and were able to achieve this with the divisive notch located at the top. The way the Find X 6.4-inch OLED display occupies the front of the device is one we’ve rarely seen.

The OPPO Find X is the first smartphone to house a 3D Structured Light Technology, which uses intelligent analysis and 15,000 facial dot recognition, the 3D Face Recognition is 20 times safer than the fingerprint recognition used for unlocking the phone.


Just like the recent iPhone XS Max, the OPPO Find X features two cameras at the back, 16 MP Motorized pop-up f/2.0, 1/2.6″, 1.22µm, PDAF, OIS, and 20 MP, f/2.0, 1/2.8″. While the front-facing camera houses a whopping 25-megapixel which is coupled with a 3D face-scanning array.

The OPPO Find X front-facing camera was technically built in a way that it seems to not be present but to see it all you have to do is to open the camera app and the camera will appear at the top section rising out from the device’s chassis on a motor, and if you close the phone camera app, the camera will disappear back into the device. According to Oppo, this process will take 0.5 seconds to complete.

The front facing camera is not the only one that can be hidden, the cameras at the back are also hidden in the rising compartment where lies the 16-megapixel and a 20-megapixel lens.

This device does not feature any fingerprint scanner, because all the biometric options are in the 3D face scanner located at the front of the device.


The OPPO Find X houses the monster ‘Snapdragon 845’ which is not totally a surprise to us but is totally welcome. The Snapdragon 845 is one of the most powerful mobile processors the world has ever known, this chip provides an amazing performance and it serves as a great benchmark.

With the Snapdragon 845, we expect a lot of great things from this new device. Backing the Snapdragon 845 up is an 8GB RAM, which helps for multitasking. And with the 256GB of storage, downloading the latest movies shouldn’t pose as a problem.

During the test run On the Geekbench 4, the overall performance of this device was 8,259. It quite impressive, but not as impressive or as fast as the OnePlus 6 that has 8GB RAM and scored 9,088 nor the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that has 6GB RAM and scored 8,876.

Find X also underperformed on 3DMark Slingshot when compared with its competitors. The device scored 4,228 for the graphics test, and this is way behind when compared to the OnePlus 6 which scored 5,124, or the Galaxy Note 9 which scored 4,639.


OPPO Find X battery life is neither too hot or cold; it is just ok. The battery capacity is 3730 mAh Li-polymer, and we ain’t surprised.

The bottom of the Find X features a USB-C port seated side by side with a SIM card tray. There is no headphone jack on this device, which means you are left with two options, to use an adapter or use the Bluetooth-headphone.

The OPPO Find X does not feature wireless charging. But fortunately enough, it offers a fast wired charging using USB-C. Less I forget, should in a case where you want to pay your bills with your phone, it is necessary you know that this device doesn’t support NFC.

Other Features

  • Flash Charging with VOOC ~ 1 Day in 35 min charge,
  • Dual Nano SIM,
  • Face ID authentication,
  • Colors ~ Bordeaux Red and Glacier Blue.
  • Wireless Headset

OPPO Find X Price

The Price of the OPPO Find X was given only in China so far, and the standard OPPO Find X will cost 5,000 yuan only, which is about $760.


This device is an overwhelming beauty, Nevertheless, it is also overwhelming itself. The device features an absolutely amazing design, coupled with the stealth camera which features great engineering technics. The camera performance is perfect for those who love doing picture things.

This device is great and can meet your everyday need if you don’t start demanding too much from it. Nevertheless, the OPPO Find X is not as fast as the other flagship Android phones that have almost the same specifications.

We would advise you carefully consider the specifications provided before going to get one for yourself.


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