When the topic of phablets arises, Samsung leads the way with the Galaxy Note series. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has enjoyed the market for quite some time now with its 5.7 inch screen, S Pen stylus, as well as its farfetched battery has given it that added advantage over the other phablets in the market. A year is almost approaching and as we know, its time for Samsung to introduce the successor of the Galaxy Note 3, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. As rumors are jamming up in the internet day by day, we have compiled up all the details that are out. Let’s have an exclusive look at all the details of this eagerly awaited phablet.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Release date

Samsung has a tendency of releasing its Galaxy Note series phablets on September at the annual IFA show in Berlin, Germany. The company has officially announced that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be announced on September 3. As we all know, Samsung releases its Smartphones a month after they announce the date so we can expect that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will officially be introduced to the masses sometimes in late September or late October. For those who will not be able to attend the event, the whole show will be streaming live at www.youtube.com/samsungmobileat 14:00 in the UK so be sure to tune in.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Design

Samsung is known to deliver when it comes to the design of its Smartphones. When it comes to the design of the Galaxy Note 4, we expect the phablet to come with the same faux leather back that was seen in the Galaxy Note 3or adapt the same dimpled rubber back that we saw in the Galaxy S5. There are also rumors suggesting that Samsung’s aim on the Galaxy Note 4 is premium customers so we might see a newmetal design.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is also set to come in two variants. One will be a curved display which is likely to come in a metal design for premium users and the other will be a flat standard display with a plastic design.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Screen

Rumors suggest that the company will stick to the 5.7 inch display we saw in the Galaxy Note 4 but the screen display will be a massive 2560 x 1440 resolution which makes it greater than the Galaxy Note 3. The screen will have aQuad HD AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Specs

*.12MP rear camera with ISOCELL sensors and IOS technology

*.2.1MP front facing camera

*.Fingerprint sensor

*.Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor

*.3600 to 3800 mAh battery

*.3or 4GB RAM

*.Exynos 5433 chip

*.Android 4.4 (KitKat) or Android L

Final Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might launch at a price of around $750-$800 so you better saving if you are to purchase one of this amazing Smartphone. Be sure to tell us what you think by commenting below. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Cheers

Author Bio :
I am Abhilash Thakur, a young Entrepreneur and a Technology blogger presently working on Galaxy Note 4, currently living in Kolkata, India.



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