Samsung Galaxy S7Still in anticipation we have been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S7 to arrive, the company might not be delaying the launch of this device for fun, as they might want to make sure it has no area of deficiency. You can testify that the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and their variants won the heart of million fans of hearts. This indeed paved way for the rumors of Samsung Galaxy S7.


One place I believe the Samsung smartphone has a problem is the area of overheating, I’ve been opportune to have a Samsung galaxy S4 some time ago, and trust me the heat coming from this device could boil a cup of water, probably this might be caused either by the processor or whatsoever, but this could kick Samsung out of business as some people won’t want to purchase a hot plate for a smartphone. Still in search for a solution to this, smartphones like OnePlus 2 used the Snapdragon 810 v2.1 to eradicate the heat issue. Guess what Samsung is up to? They have gone ahead to using heat pipe technology in Samsung Galaxy S7. Yes this step has already been tested by Microsoft in the Lumia devices.

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Samsung has one challenge, and that’s being careful so as not to make the width of this device wide in adjustment to fixing the pipes in. Samsun g is still in search of a thin pipe that won’t affect the thickness of this device. It was said by Fujitsu that the company will use 0.6mm pipes for the cooling process. With this, the device is expected to be efficient enough to cool the processor five times more than the previous processors.

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Let’s See Other Leaked Specs of Samsung Galaxy S7:

As much as we know, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be launched in two processors- the homegrown Exynos 8990 processor and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820. Qualcomm has also said that the new Snapdragon 820 will not have heating issues. If that’s true then we are good to go with this device.

This device will come in two variants in terms of screen display and curved edge. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is supposed to have a 5.7 inch quad-HD display with 2560 x 1440 pixels. And there will also be another variant of 4K display as well.

Samsung is almost set to release this device as we hopefully have less than three months to see this device live.

What’s your say, which other feature do you think this device will possess?



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