The world is being changed, it means you have to change. Technology is becoming more advanced and fast and if you really want to adopt the fastest and easiest way to deliver your faxes to all of your clients or friends, then read this guide completely. Here I will show you how can you send a fax, by using your email account. All you need to do is just follow my easiest steps and I promise you will not face any problem.

Now you will be probably thinking that there are many email service providers out there, which one I’m going to show you.

Well…! Here in this post, I’m going to tell you about how you can send a Fax by using your G-mail account. But all the steps are applicable to any mail service provider. Just need to follow the steps.

First off, let’s talk about one of the best Fax services out there. Many multinational companies and well-established brands like PC world, New York Times, Forbes, CNET, etc recommend CocoFax. You’re probably wondering “What is CocoFax?”. Let’s get things cleared up.

CocoFax Homepage

What is CocoFax?

CocoFax is a next-generation fax solution provider, which helps you to deliver your Faxes with the easiest and fastest ways, without having any fax machines. Now, you do not need a cripple machine to send a fax or to keep it ON for 24/7.

CocoFax provides you with a great method to send faxes by email in just a few clicks, and the good news is that you do not need any phone wire or machine. You can do this with your laptop or any other smart device which can connect to the internet.


Smart devices include your mobile phones. Now, you can simply send your fax with your smartphone like you send a normal text or file and you do not need to perform a special course to send a fax or a machine with a headache to perform this task.

So, let’s take a look at the steps on how you can send a fax by email. 

Sending Fax From Gmail

How to Send a Fax by using email with CocoFax

There are three important things (Email Account, CocoFax Account, and an Internet Connection) to send a fax by email via CocoFax. With the help of these three assets, you can perform a task that was very difficult and hard to perform. 

Let’s move to our first step:

Step 1: Signup to CocoFax’s free trial of 30 days and choose your fax number which is free from CocoFax. 

It is very important to choose the email address which you are going to use for sending and receiving faxes.

Step 2: Now open your email account which you want to use to send and receive the fax. You can use any email service provider. CocoFax is flexible to work with all the email providers and it is highly recommended by them.

Let’s use Gmail for this example, but you can use any other email provider.

Sending Fax From Gmail

Open your Gmail account, which you used for signing up for CocoFax. You can access that account on any device, a Laptop, PC (Personal Computer) or smartphone.

Step 3: Now click on the “Compose” button which will be with the plus (+) icon. Every Email provider has a different option to create a new mail, with a different icon or without an icon. Just create new mail, and a pop up will open, which will ask details to put in it.

In the “To” section, enter the fax number of your receiver, who is going to receive that fax with the For example, if your receiver’s fax number is 12345678, then you have to put in [email protected]

You can see a “Subject” section, that section is an optional empty box. If you want to give a specific title to sending material then you can add it here.

For example, If I want to send my research about “School Teachers” then I will put a title like “Research of School Teachers”. That’s not a required section, so you can leave it empty.

Now under the “Subject” section, you can see the body are, where we mostly enter our message or any other details of the file which we are going to send. You can also leave it empty.

Step 4: After passing all these steps, I will say you are ready to move and just one click away to send your fax to your receiver. Click on the “Send” button or the “Send Icon” and leave other further things to CocoFax.

CocoFax will read it and translate it as a fax document and would send it to your receiver. CocoFax’s 24/7 online servers and secure system will scan it and send it to your given receivers’ fax number, and this process completes in nanoseconds.

Yes…! In nanoseconds, CocoFax’s operating systems are running on the latest and fast internet technologies to provide its customers with a great user experience.

You can also check this review post of CocoFax for more details.

Look how easy it was to send a fax to any person, all over the world and you do not need to wait too long or keep your fax machine online 24/7/.

Now you will probably be thinking about receiving the fax. Let me inform you that if your sending fax is failed then you will receive a message from CocoFax on your email account and the dashboard of your CocoFax website.

The failure of sending a fax appears if your receiver is using a fax machine to send and receive faxes and it is offline or facing some technical problems. Otherwise, there is no issue in CocoFax’s operating systems.

So, sign up CocoFax and enjoy faxing with a secure, fast, and reliable platform, which takes care of your work 24/7/365.


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