You might be sure you have contents good enough to make you stand out on Instagram, but have you thought about how many times it will appear if 20,000 people do not disagree?

It could be that you are working your way up to becoming a social media celebrity or just trying to develop brand awareness on the gram, but you will agree with me that it is tempting to pay for your first thousand followers.

There are lots of services that you can use to purchase 1,000 followers for a specified amount but surely, if it was a cheap purchase, everyone else would engage in it.

Why Fake Instagram Followers Can Be Bad For You

So getting into it, is purchasing Instagram followers okay according to the law? Is it a safe business move? Is it an investment you will not regret? We have answered these questions and more that must be running through your mind as regards purchasing fake Instagram followers to ensure you know what you are getting into, or what you are pulling out of. It’s your decision to make.

Using Google, you will discover that several cheap services can get you more Instagram followers as long as you pay. For $6 USD i.e 2,157 naira, 500 followers can be bought, for $10 USD i.e 3,595 naira, 1,000 followers is available. Lots of these buyable followers are bots or accounts that are never active.

Though different from purchasing followers directly, you are also able to pay for services to follow other accounts on your behalf based on what you prefer. Location, hashtag usage, account type, and gender are considered to determine your preference, and then those followed accounts will then follow you back.

Using this option, your followers’ accounts can have real people behind them, but engagement might not exist. Since there are certainties that these accounts will follow you back, the investment paying off is doubtful. Most statements will not support you again, and even when they do precisely that, being lengthy, loyal and die-hard followers might not be qualities you will associate with them.

If you aim to have a large follower count, these services can come to your rescue. When your number of organic followers decreases, these services can even replace your pool with other followers.

But do not forget the risks: These followers will most likely never engage in commenting or liking on a post, and if you are seen with several counterfeit followers, your credibility can be rubbished with your authentic audience.

See it like this, you as a person, will you continue following an account if you noticed that most of its “loyal audience” are bots and reports that are inactive? I’m sure the answer is negative. It comes across s a lie and will make it appear like the brand cannot attract real followers via their credible content.

Wasted Investment

The primary reason for purchasing Instagram followers can end up being a wasted investment because the accounts you follow are not legit.

Counterfeit followers are bought because they are managed by users that have the aim to get a follow back, or because these accounts are sponsored by services that sell followers. Even if the accounts might provide early engagement, in the long run, your Instagram account’s performance metrics will be jeopardized.

Reduced Engagements

Bought Instagram followers also offer zero long-term value to your Instagram account’s content. These followers might get your views, likes, and comments when you first buy them but be rest assured that it will not last.

Plus how great are 10,000 followers that do nothing for your Instagram account? Instagram is all about engagement. Without likes or comments, your content will not pop up on your audience’s newsfeeds and Explore Pages.

Having several followers could help users to follow you organically, but nothing is guaranteed.

Users might observe that you do have lots of engagement on your posts, and it can prevent them from hitting that follow button. If you have 20,000 followers but just four likes on all your posts, people will rapidly notice that there is something fishy. And without authentic followers to patronize your content, your posts will be kept a secret to all except your real followers, and your fake followers will not share your post on any of their channels. Even your content, brand, product will not be talked about by these fake accounts with friends, because, obviously, they do not even have a real life, they are bots.

Wrapping Up

Focus your time and energy on building a real, dedicated and loyal fanbase instead of harming your performance metrics on Instagram with the false ones.

As long as you have the content that is engaging and authentic enough, the legit followers will come.


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