This is a little trick on how you can buy a domain name from Godaddy for $3.13 without coupon code.

You might be asking why you should buy a domain name for $3.13 when there are coupon codes worth $2.99, $1.99 etc.

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Reasons Why You Should Prefer This Method To The Coupon Code Method:
Limited Number Of Uses: Some coupons are designed to be used for a specific number of time, if it’s specified time is 500, it then means your domain name will only be accessed 500 times, after which it goes into oblivion.

Limited date: Some coupons are meant to stop working on a specific date.

Country specific: You can’t use coupon codes for other country, e.g. As a Nigerian, you can’t use a coupon specified for America, except you change your IP.

This trick doesn’t work for existing account with Godaddy, this promo is meant for fresh clients only.
Any amount of domain you need, you need a fresh account, e.g. If you need 5 domains at $3.13 each, you are to create 5 new accounts.

How To Buy Your Domain Name at $3.13
Search for “godaddy” (without quotes) on google.
Your search result would be displayed in two ways i.e Advert and Search result, don’t go to the search result, click on the advert section it will then take you to godaddy’s page where you will see what you are looking for (domain for $3.13),

Now type in any domain name of your choice, A pop-up window will appear. You will have to Click on “Add,” then wait until the orange rectangle changes to grey. Then hit “Continue to Cart.

Now you are at the shopping cart. Godaddy will request you register your domain name for 2 years ($2.95 for the first year and $9.99 for subsequent years). All you have to do is change your Term to 1 year, then the price will be updated, The total is now $3.13, i.e. $ 2.95 plus $0.18 ICANN fees which is N520.

Click on “Proceed to Checkout” and complete the remaining steps.

* This is a promo that isn’t always available, Don’t be surprised when you don’t see this advert for getting your domain at $3.13

* Try as much as possible not to bookmark the page, so as not to get an error when you are at the check out.

* For those of you whom this is alien to, domain names are renewed on a yearly basis, godaddy offers discount for the first year only, when you what to renew your domain you’ll have to pay full price which ranges from $10 (N1,660) to $12 (N1,992).

Rush go get your domain name Today!.



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