Your blog/website Really needs a logo.
* It beutifies your blog/website.
*It gives your blog/website a professional look.
A beutiful and professional looking blog/website attracts visitors that’s why it’s essential creating a beautiful and professional look blog/website.

Here in this post i will be guiding you on how you can create a logo for your blog/website, though you can still create a favicon with this Software/App but our main focus is on creating a nice logo for your blog/website.

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Photoshop is the what can help you achiev a good looking logo.
You might be asking what is PhotoShop?
Yes i’ll tell you, PhotoShop is a graphic editing program that helps and enable you create/edit your picture.
Download PhotoShop Here
It’s Tutorial Time

*. Open And Run Photoshop on your Screen.
*. Goto File on top of your Photoshop software.

*. Click on New Or Quickly Hold CTRL + N as a shortcut key.

*. Select The Size You Would Love Your Logo To Be e.g. 700×90, On The Example 700 Gs The Width While 90 Is The Hight, Though It’s An Example You Can Make Your Own Choice For You To Get Your Taste.

*. Select Mode e.g. RGB Color, Gray-scale, Bitmap e.t.c.

*. Select Your Content Background Colour Like White, Background Color Or Transparent e.t.c.

*. Select your Color of Your Logo, You Can Add Effectr To The Logo Like Mixing Two Colours, Fading Of Colours e.t.c.

*. It’s Now Time To Add The Title Of The Logo Example “FlowingTech” Make Your Choice.
*. Select Your Title Color, Shape, Font, And Lots More, There Are Lots Of Colours, Shapes and Fonts, I Bet You, Confusion To Choose A Font Will Embrase You Because There Are Lots Of Charming Fons That You Can’t Resist.

*. To Write A Title Click On The Type Took It’s In This Format [T] Then Type In Your Title.

*. If You Wish To Make Your Logo 3D You Should Click On Blending In Layer, This 3D Type Option Is At The Right Sidebar.

*. If This Layer Feature Doesn’t Appear On Your’s You Can Find It By Clicking On Window On Your Adobe Photoshop software on the top of your Photoshop and then go to number 14 Now Your Layer Will Appear.

*.Then Go To Layers And Right Click On Your Text And In Layers. Goto Blending Option You Can Easily Manage All Changes.

*.Now last Step On Photoshop You Can Save Your Image In JPEG Format On Your Computer.
Cheers You Have Successfully Created A Logo For Your Blog/Website.
There Are Also Websites You Can Create Logos From But I Will Just Recomend The One I Use FlamingText This Website Is Also A Good One When It Comes To Creating Logo.



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