Advertisers are everywhere searching for blogs and websites to willingly pay for advertising space as long as they get value for their money. Now, are you in the league of bloggers who do not get advert proposals at all? Have you wondered what you might have been doing all wrong that has scared them away?

There are a couple of reasons why a firm would want to advertise their product on your blog or website, but you probably never took those points seriously or never even considered them. I’ll give out killer tips that would enable you attract advertisers to make money doing direct Ads sells. But before I continue to given out these surefire advert magnetizing tips, I bet you sure need to know why you do not get advertising proposals.

Why You Do Not Get Advertising Proposals

1. You are still running a free subdomain blog, for instance a subdomain.

2. You have a few articles and do not update your blog.

3. It’s been over 3 months since you updated your website.

4. There is no advertiser currently on your blog.

5. You do not have an about us page.

6. You don’t have a Contact Us page.

7. You have a low PageRank and a very high Alexa Ranking.

These are some of the reasons why an advertiser won’t contact you. Below are the things to do in order to attract more and real business.

How To Get Direct Advertisers

1. Write In A Specific Niche

This is one major overlooked factor that an advertiser would always consider before approaching you for your advertising rates. An advertiser is always searching for the best place to get their target audience and if your website or blog is not niche specific, you have failed and might not stand the chance of attracting them to your blog. Find a Niche for yourself and get the deals that matter.

2. Contact Them

Yes, I really mean it when I mean you should contact them. But before you do that, make sure you have built your blog’s authority and reputation in your niche to a reasonable standard. You can then go in search of advertiser, contact them and let them know you are offering advert spaces on your blog. There is a probability that 1 in every 15 persons would end up advertising their product on your blog.

3. Start With Any Advertiser

If you have not ever gotten anyone to advertise on your website, then you should start considering starting with any advertiser. The truth is, nobody advertiser would love to be the first to advertise on your blog, so you have to display an advert on your website even at a cheaper rate in order to prove to them that people already trust and do business with you. This really goes a long way in attracting advertisers to your website.

4. Give Incentives

There are a thousand blogs and website out there who might even rank better than yours offering advertising spaces at even cheaper rates than you, so why should your website be considered a place to advertise? Offer not just advertising space for that same amount, you can add a benefit your client would gain for advertising with you. This can include a sponsored review for free, a regular exposure to your social media followers and so on. Think of something outside the box and offer it alongside that same price, it would give people the reason to contact your for adverts.

5. Create An Advertise With Us Page

People visiting your website might not seem to notice that you accept adverts if you do not create a page that makes it obvious to them. Take out time to create an advertise with us page where you state the nature of adverts you accept. Also, display relevant metrics of your blog on this page such as your Alexa Rank, Page Rank and others on this page. This makes it easier for your potential clients to make up their minds on what plan they would go for before contacting you, make sure your additional incentives are made known on your advertise with us page.

6. Post Consistently

I would not love to pay for an ADS space on a blog that has not been updated for the past 2 Weeks, posting consistently is a way to attract advertisers and making them to believe you are up to date. If you must offer advertising services, then you must be ready to update your blog or website regularly.

Your Turn

Applying the above 6 laid down strategies are surefire ways to attract potential advertisers to your blog, not only do you make money selling direct ads, it also makes it easier to gain new clients knowing that you already have a market.

Feel free to chip in your points of view using the comment box and also let us know if this article did help. Cheers!


  1. Some readers might be confused with your point no 3 – Start With Any Advertiser. How do they get started? It’d great if you can provide few examples of advertisers.

  2. Hi Oscar,

    Those are really great tips, few months back I did try to sell ads at my blog and wasn’t that focused marketing my blog therefore I didn’t get advertisers at my blog so I decided to go back to marketing my blog. Now I am ready to start again but one thing that alarmed me is to have a low page rank with high Alexa ranking! and my questions is how much is considered a low Page rank with high Alexa ranking? Would my blog of PR2 with Alexa Ranking 90,000+ fall under this category, and how this could hurt your blog anyway.

  3. Ya… Thanks for this tips Oscar. That your point on being an authority really sells. And from the look of things until that is done, one can’t start getting sponsored ads and stuffs.
    One more thing tho, what number of daily pv should one aim at before ‘seeking’ for advertisers?

  4. Good tips out there, but I want to add, the bottom line is that it all boils down to traffic for advertisers to pick interest. with good traffic, all other things will take shape on their own.

  5. Well, nice tips you’ve shared in your post. Before searching for advetisers you’ve to build your blog reputation like, create unique and good content, build authority backlinks, get PR, DA, Alexa rank.

    After that, you should create a “Advertise with us” page and you must mention blog monthly unique visitors, pageviews, Pagerank, DA, Social proof. email subscribers etc.

    Getting advetisers is not an easy task, you’ve to work hard on your blog then you can achieve success!


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