Over the years, we have observed that as technology grows, its effect on our lives becomes more pronounced.  Today we have gadgets that make every part of lives easier. In this article, we explore a list of smart gadgets to tech out your kitchen. Gadgets featured in this article will make cooking a lot easier. These gadgets are listed below:

1. Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker With WeMo

Crock-Pot Smart Cooker, lets you keep your food warm, without being present to warm it. The whole process is done remotely. The Crock-pot smart cooker is controlled using an app, paired to the machine. Say you want to come home to a warm meal, all you have to do, begin to warm your food slowly using the cooker remotely, you would get home to warm food, ready for consumption. This cooker features a 6-quart capacity, that can accommodate large families or dinner parties.

2. Rotimatic


Rotimatic is a mini robot that helps you prepare dishes in your absence. How does it work? Rotimatic requires you to fill it with the right ingredients, after which Rotimatic takes the cooking from there. It is perfect for preparing Rotis. Rotimatic can be controlled using an app. This app lets you remotely control the Rotimatic robot to begin Rotis preparation, as long as the right ingredients have been placed in the chambers provided.

3.iSommelier Pro

iSommelier Pro

iSommerlier Pro is yet another kitchen gadget, that can be controlled remotely via a mobile app. The iSommerlier pro helps users decant their wine, it is a wine decanting machine. You can control decanting from your mobile app, no matter the distance. The process works via the internet.

4. June Oven

june ovenAs its name clearly hints, June oven is an internet-connected oven, that can be controlled via a mobile app. It lets users prevent burnt food.

ou can monitor the content in the oven, via the mobile app. June oven even features a built-in HD camera, that lets you view the content in the oven, from the mobile app.

5. Smart kettle


The smart kettle is an internet-connected kettle, that lets you prepare tea and coffee seamlessly. Being an internet connected kitchen gadget, you can monitor the tea making process, using the connected app, remotely.

6. Samsung Smart Fridge

gadgets to tech out your kitchen

The Samsung smart Fridge is actually my favorite kitchen gadget, for all the right reasons. It features a touch screen panel, that lets users gain access to its software. You can store recipes here, view photos, play songs, use kitchen relevant apps and lots more.

7. Behmore Coffee Brewer

gadgets to tech out your kitchen

Looking for an internet-connected coffee brewer? The Behmore Coffee Brewer may just be all you need. The Behmore coffee brewer is an internet-connected coffee brewer, that lets users brew and monitor the brewing of their coffee via an app.

8. Hapifork

gadgets to tech out your kitchen

Having problems with your eating style? Do you eat too fast, and desire to learn how to eat in a slow and steady manner? Hapi fork may just be the gadget you need. Hapi fork is a gadget that trains you on how to eat slow. Hapi fork is a Bluetooth connected fork that helps you track your eating habits.

9. Amazon Echo Dot

gadgets to tech out your kitchen


Smart speakers have over the years grown into gadgets that can be integrated into all aspects of our lives. They are very resourceful in searching for information. Having a Smartspeaker in your kitchen means you won’t have to rely so much on cookbooks. All you have to do is say a command that reads out the recipes of the food you desire to prepare.

10. Breville Avance Steamer

Last but not least, is the Breville’s steamer. The Breville’s steamer is capable of steaming three dishes simultaneously in about 30 seconds. It advisable steam instead of boiling, because boiling destroys the nutrient in the food, while steam retains the nutrients.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best smart gadgets to tech out your kitchen. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


  1. All these gadgets are really amazing. would want to have Amazon Echo Dot, Rotimatic, Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker With WeMo and June Oven. They would be of real help to me.


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