If you are a freelancer or a blogger who is always writing content for your readers, then you must have at one point or the other faced a writer’s block situation. The ideas just don’t come and you get stuck without knowing where or what to write about. overcoming writers block

What Is Writer’s Block?

Writer’s Block is a condition when a writer or an author is not able to come up new work, new content ideas and topics to write about. There are a couple of reasons why bloggers and authors fall into this situation which could range from not having an inspiration at the moment, been distracted by other activities and lots more. In this article, i’ll give you guidelines to overcome writer’s block and come up with fresh and new Content Ideas.

Tips To Getting Over Writer’s Block

1. Try Reading Other Blogs

There are lots of blogs out there that are related to your blogging niche, when you find yourself not been able to generate fresh contents, you can always resort to reading the top authority blogs in your niche. Reading a couple of blogs would give you some inspiration and new contents ideas would definitely pop up to your head.

2. Read Your Old Blog Posts

This might sound crazy but it does work for me. Whenever I find myself in such a situation, I also try reading most of my old blog articles, especially those that had loads of comments. By the time I go through the posts and then the comments, I usually come up with new content ideas to write about. Reading your previous writing works also helps in overcoming writer’s block also.

3. Write Out Some New Topic Ideas On Paper

This really works for me, I write out a list of content topic ideas and with time I find myself writing on those topics. Sometimes when the ideas don’t come, I write topics that are not even related to my niche (though not on my blog), I write them on my PC. This usually helps in pumping the writers blood in you. By the time you come back to your blog, this  would inspire you into writing on the topics related to your blog.

4. Social Media and Google Alerts

Most times when you face this situation, social media tends to play a useful role in helping you out. In my case, I take time to visit Facebook groups in my blog’s niche and grab a handful of ideas from questions and contributions on the group. Another thing I consider and can’t do without is Google Alerts. I receive Google Alert notifications on my email and this drives in a huge lot of topics from niche related blogs, by the time I go through the blogs, I come up with new ideas.

5. Take A Break

Of after applying the above tips to counter writer’s block and you still could not come up with the new content ideas, you simply need a break. Although I rarely fall short of ideas when I try points 1 through 4, but when it does not just come, I take a break for a day or two without writing on my blog. By the time you come back to write contents on your blog, you get new inspirations and tend to write quality contents after the break.


Whenever you as a blogger face a writer’s block situation, know it is normal and is experienced by the top bloggers out there. Applying the above listed steps would go a long way in helping you write quality contents and overcome a bloggers writing block. I hope you enjoyed this post, add your strategies and tips to kick writer’s block to the curb using the comment box below.


  1. Yes. This happens to me sometimes and I find that if I just take a break that it will usually help in getting by writers block unblocked. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Hi Oscar,

    Interesting topic of discussion 🙂

    Yes, some bloggers and writers do face writer’s block and I think that’s very normal, especially if they are posting regularly and tend to run out of ideas. You mentioned some nice ways as to how they can overcome that, though I personally feel if you are inspired enough, you can never really run out of ideas.

    Another thing you can do is keep a journal, or just note down ideas when they come to your mind, and they surely come up at the most unexpected of times that you sometimes tend to forget. Speaking of myself, while I am surfing online and reading other posts, sometimes in the comment section I might come across a question another person is asking the blogger, which can make a perfect topic for me, so I note it down. Or sometimes when I am out for my morning walks, I might just get an idea being inspired by nature and my surroundings – I take a note of that on my cell phone. I mean to say there are so-so many ways you can easily be inspired, or perhaps that’s a major reason I’ve never really faced writer’s block ever, and in-fact I’ve too many topics on my to-do list to write about.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Wow, this is interesting Harleena. Nice tips you did add up here, thanks for dropping your useful comments as usual. It’s been quite a while you came over my blog though. Thanks once more for dropping by.

  3. Fantastic post! Thankyou for sharing these fantastic tips Oscar. I’m having one of those days with writer’s block. Have taken a break from the blog today. But will definitely be using these tips in the future!


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