If we’ve learnt anything from the coronavirus pandemic, it is that good food is for the soul. If you want to look away from all the stress in the world at this time and be distracted by filling up your belly, there are amazing gadgets that can make that happen for you. If you have friends who are cooks, you can also shower them with gifts like this to make them feel special. See our list of 5 Tech Gadgets For Kitchen Nerds In April:

1. ThermoWorks Thermapen MK4:

Tech Gadgets For Kitchen Nerds
ThermoWorks Thermapen MK4

This cooking gadget is made in England, and it is accurate within ±0.7 degrees F (±0.4 degrees C) and offers readings within two to three seconds. It comes with a backlit, auto-rotating display, with a motion sensor for wake mode and IP67 waterproof rating so you can wash it under the faucet.

It delivers a 3,000-hour battery life, and if you are looking to do a barbecue, this is the best thermometer to spend money on.

2. Meater Plus by Apption Labs Wireless Connected Thermometer:

Tech Gadgets For Kitchen Nerds

This thermometer is designed for long-distance (up to 165 foot) tracking your BBQ and grilling projects, using Bluetooth Low Energy tech. It is meant for Gas Grills, Kettle-style and vertical smokers, therefore you’ll never need to bother about exceeding internal meat temperatures ever again, using its simple to use mobile application.

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In every probe, dual temperature sensors can track internal meat temps up 212 degrees F and ambient/external temperature up to 527 degrees F simultaneously.

3. Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano 750W:

Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano 750W
Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano 750W

Sous Vide immersion cooking is currently more affordable than ever with this amazing cooker. This device, which attaches to any big pot or water-filled container, circulates liquid around your vacuum-sealed proteins and vegetables at the precise temperature required for perfectly cooked meals, irrespective of what is on your menu.

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With the Anova application, you can also access lots of free recipes and track your cooking from your phone via Bluetooth.

4. Booker And Dax Searzall Attachment For Butane Torches:

Best gifts for cooks: Tech gadgets for kitchen nerds | ZDNet

Still on the topic of best gadgets of best tech gadgets for kitchen nerds in April. This is a brilliant attachment for handheld butane torches used to create the perfect sear on that sous vide steak or pork chop as soon as possible.

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2 lightweight, high-temperature metal screens convert the torch’s flame into radiant heat, evenly spreading the flame to offer a professional-quality finish. It delivers massive value for money.

5. Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Indoor Grill:

Tech Gadgets For Kitchen Nerds
Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Indoor Grill

This is the best product for those who are not able to grill outdoors because of the rain, or those who just prefer to do it inside while air frying. With it, you can simply cook meal on the inside to your desired doneness and chargrill every side with 500F Cyclonic Grilling Technology and the Smart Cook System. This could be the perfect gift for your cook friend as well.

More Information On Gadgets:

A gadget is a small tool such as a machine that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty. Gadgets are sometimes referred to as gizmos.

In the software industry, “Gadget” refers to computer programs that provide services without needing an independent application to be launched for each one, but instead run in an environment that manages multiple gadgets.

There are several implementations based on existing software development techniques, like JavaScript, form input, and various image formats.

The earliest documented use of the term gadget in context of software engineering was in 1985 by the developers of AmigaOS, the operating system of the Amiga computers (intuition.library and also later gadtools.library).

It denotes what other technological traditions call GUI widget—a control element in graphical user interface. This naming convention remains in continuing use (as of 2008) since then.

It is not known whether other software companies are explicitly drawing on that inspiration when featuring the word in names of their technologies or simply referring to the generic meaning. The word widget is older in this context.

In the movie “Back to School” from 1986 by Alan Metter, there is a scene where an economics professor Dr. Barbay, wants to start for educational purposes a fictional company that produces “widgets: It’s a fictional product.”


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