TECNO Spark Series needs no introduction in Nigeria. They are the most sought-after budget smartphones that offer value for money. The Spark 2 is almost a year old, and as per TECNO’s Tradition, the Spark series are refreshed after a 12-month period. So, if everything goes as planned, a new TECNO Spark 3 smartphone is expected to be launched this month.

Already there are rumours flying around on the specifications of the device and many people are looking forward to getting a glimpse of the device’s image/specs. There are many affordable smartphones in Nigeria currently but the Spark Series thrive because of its bright camera and awesome design

TECNO is already teasing a new Spark phone which may be called Spark 3. Rumour has it that the new Spark 3 will flaunt an upgraded camera which I am guessing would be two at the back this time around.

On other departments, the yet to be released TECNO Spark 3 is definitely not a slouch as rumour has it that the device will flaunt several new features such as an amazing facial ID security feature and a Full view display

The Processor power department is also said to be amazing as the Spark 3 is said to run on the latest Android 9.0 pie which will enable the new SPARK 3 deliver a fluid multi-tasking experience better than any regular smartphone. With that amazing processor, users will be able to launch their favourite apps and watch movies at the same time.

And, we also hear that the price tag that will come with the device will be unbelievable. However, all we can do now is wait and see, what Africa’s Mobile king have in store for us.


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