Finally the much anticipated 2014 is here. I really can’t but once more use this opportunity to thank all our readers, contributors, commentators, and bloggers who actively helped us move up the success ladder in 2013.

blogging journey

It’s a thing of joy to lay out some major achievements we attained last year and our goals for 2014. As a matter of fact, in this year for OscarMini blog, we would concentrate more on dishing out more articles frequently as this has proven to double blog traffic.

I would also try writing more guest posts on other blogs as it proved to be a great way to improving a blog’s readership base. In 2013, I wrote less than 10 guest posts and this really boosted my blog, I’ll try my best to improve on this.

OscarMini started 2013 with a PageRank 0 and an Alexa rank of above 300,000 . We have seen a great improvement here as 2014 has seen this blog with a PageRank 1 and Alexa ranking of 40,016 worldwide and 250 in my country Nigeria.

I’ll always be writing articles on progresses i’ve made and also techniques that yield me success this, so watch out and keep your browsers locked down on this blog.

Anyway 🙂 , feel free to let us know your plans for your blog in this year 2014 as we move progressively.

Thanks and wishing you all a successful 2014 blogging year.


  1. Hello Oscar,
    You’ve really made serous progress! Imagine starting the year with an Alexa rank of over 300,000 and closing with less than 50,000. Now that’s what I call IMPROVEMENT and PROGRESS!
    On article frequency, I’d personally appreciate more articles in terms of frequency! Most time, I come around here and its quite dry.
    It is my believe that 2014 will be better for us all!
    Do have a splendid new year and may your dreams come true!!

  2. All I will say now is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    You are one of those that keep inspiring me on Blogging… I can’t wait to explore this year with Articles with you. keep up Da good work.

  3. Hi Oscar,
    I am really happy for you for the progress you have made so far. You wrote that you have decided to write more guest posts in 2013 than in 2014. If you wrote 11 guest posts in 2014, you could still feel fulfilled. If you told your readers and other bloggers exactly how many guest posts you will write in 2014, this will give you a yardstick to measure yourself against. I read Brian Tracy and he said that our goals setting must be specific and that it will help us to be accountable and measure our specific progress

  4. 40,016 Alexa rank is really great achievement and i will appreciate your way of blogging and hard-work to be successful in blogging. You are right that frequently posting and guest posting both are very helpful and effective methods to get good figure of traffic and increase viewership. Every blogger wants to get traffic and more viewership on his/her blog. Here is time to implement on these positive and helpful steps to be successful in 2014 in blogging field.


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