Owing to my promise on FTB anniversary, where I mentioned four bloggers that were going to be featured on my blog, to throw more light on blogging. Here is the first visit, in the how to build your blog interview series.

Today we have a geek in the house, a like minded personality, a blogger and a web designer, who has come over to help us in areas we are lacking behind using the foresight of a geek. Today we’ll descuss about gadgets, and as a matter of fact, this is a guide on the best device to use while blogging.

Please help me make welcome Wale Adekile Popularly known as Doncaprio, you might have come across his blog in one way or the other while surfing the net. I’m not suprise that these personality is a passionate geek, as his blog (geek.ng) already tells you whom he is.

Ok, let’s hit the road! 🙂

1. Welcome to FTB, our reader’s would like to know who you are, so please in some lines tell us about yourself.

My name is Don Caprio, a blogger and a web designer.

2. How many blogs do you run and which is your main blog?

I run two blogs at the moment, a tech blog and an entertainment blog. The tech blog remains my primary focus though I’ve been busy with other projects lately.

3. When did you venture into blogging?

I started my first blog in 2009.

4. What was your experience like at the early stage of blogging?

I said it before now, the only reason I started blogging was to make money online.
It wasn’t so great because the money didn’t come in as expected. As a matter of fact, it was frustrating but I sort of developed some kind of love for what I was doing back then and that
S what kept me going.

5. Can you reveal how much you earn from your blog monthly!

I don’t really disclose actual earnings and traffic details for personal reasons. A lot of bloggers do it and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it… I just don’t do it. I hope you understand.

6. Sure I understand, and there’s no problems with that. You own a wonderful blog, (Geek NG) please can you tell us the meaning of “Geek”?

As opposed to the belief that the word ‘geek’ only refers to socially inept person who can be boring, it can also refer to a person is is knowledgeable in a certain field… like a computer geek, a tech geek and so on. That’s what it refers to in the blog’s name.

7. What was the first gadget you used and when was that?

Honestly, I can’t actually remember. If you’re referring to smartphones, the first smartphone I owned was a symbain S60 device and I can’t remember which year specifically.

8. I really do remember the sybian S60 devices, every geek as at then used it (lol) As at now, which gadget do you use?

At the moment, I use an Apple iPhone, a HTC Android device, a Tecno Phantom Z and a HP laptop. Those are the things I mostly work with.

10. Which OS runs on your gadgets?

Android, iOS and Windows 8.1 of course.

11. Which brand of gadgets do you use?

I don’t really believe in brand names. If a gadget serves its primary purpose effectively, I’ll definitely use it.

12. Please can you recommend four good OS for geeks to use? (please with reason why you choose them)

For PC? I recommend Windows. Laid my hand on Mac OS but I’ve come to realize it’s easier to work with Windows.

13. Which mobile phone brand do you use?

For now, HTC, Apple and Tecno though I constantly change them.

14. Please recommend some mobile phone brands which you think are best?

Like I said earlier, I don’t really believe in brand names. There are less popular brands creating powerful gadgets. When you talk of Android devices, I’m not sure I have a particular choice but it seems I have a soft spot for Sony products though I don’t have one.

The only brand I can’t seem to do without is Apple since there’s no other company creating iOS devices.

15. Can A person blog with a mobile gadget?

I can’t imagine it. You can write with mobile blogging apps but there’s going to be issues. First you have to properly format your posts and you can’t do that efficiently on a mobile device. You’ll have issues editing images to be used in the article too.

Blogging is easier done on a PC.

16. What is the minimun ram size and hard disk size required to be seen on a geeks PC?

4GB RAM at least. And a minimum of 500GB HDD.

17. Do you think geeks like you can venture into blogging?

Sure, why not? So far you know what you’re talking about and you’re knowledgeable in that field, you can blog about it.

18. Since our blog is related to your blog (I mean in the same niche), using the sight of a geek, what do you think we should edit, and where are we lagging behind?

You have a great blog but I have an eye for design being a web designer myself. I can’t find a logo up there but I guess that’s a temporary issue. Also, I’ve seen this particular favicon on a particular site. The content is great though and that’s the most important thing.

19. Thanks for your time with us.

You’re most welcome.

I hope in a way or the other you must have learnt a thing from this interview in the ‘build your blog interview series.’ Wale Adekile has said alot about the best gadget to use and all we need to know about gadgets.

What else do you need to know? Oh! Remember that a PC is the best device for blogging as it makes our work easier, unlike mobile gadgets.

Never mind our our header section, no logo, no favicon, and whatsoever may be missing over there, like you said, it’s temporary, I recently moved FTB to wordpress, and we are still fixing things in oder yet, I hope you understand. 🙂

Connect With Docaprio

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I think it’s gonna be nice you connect with him, visit his blog and learn more tweaks for your gadgets.


  1. what a wonderful interview with Don Caprio…

    He is a boss and a self made man..

    He is evrywere helping people most especially when we use smf back den…

    Mehn he is really a geek and a consultant…

    I testify..

    For Larry….you shud change ya favicon and logo like he mentioned with time…u have done d most important work anyway…keep on on ya wonderful blog..

    You can still chk my blog out on AfriVilla .com

    Hav a wonderful day ahead

    • Hi Anyinature,
      Sure, Doncaprio is a geek to the core, I’ve always looked at him as one of those that conquer in tech niche in Nigeria, what else is expected from a geek (lol)

      Ofcourse I’m comming up with my logo asap, incliding my favicon.
      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  2. Hi Larry,

    This was awesome interview. And I agree with him, if we have good knowledge and have right attitude we can convert blogging or any hobby in to the venture.

    Also we can do blogging with mobile apps but it won’t be too comfortable. I mean first it take slightly more time and formatting issue will be there.
    I checked other post also Larry and all are awesome. You’re a great blogger I can say.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great week 🙂


    • Hello Ashutosh;
      Welcome to my blog, sure having the knowlegde will make it so easy for you to cope up.
      Smart phones can do between 60% – 70% os what your computer can do, only if it’s well utilized, but using a computer seems best for blogging though.

      I’m glad you had a tour arround my blog, and thanks for the compliment.
      Do have a wonderful week too 🙂

  3. What a great interview with don, i like the way he replied to the questions that was askd. Nice one Larry we are looking towards the changes he mentioned soon and expecting more update. Keep up the good work

    • Hello Jagz,
      Sure Don really did great in the interview, as for the changes, my logo is under construction at the momment, and once they are done with it, I’ll pin it at the top. 🙂
      Thanks and do enjoy the day.

  4. Hello Larry

    It was nice going through your interview with Don caprio. I must say he is a great man, and one we all need to learn something from.

    Blogging with mobile I would say is not easy (I tried it). Though its worth it as you can always have them and work with it on the go, it will always require some after touches in terms of posts.

    I love it here and once again happy Blogiversary to FTB

    Uche Francis
    TechDavids .com

    • Hello Uche,
      Welcome once again to my blog, Don Caprio, is a guru in his field, and surely, you must learn a thing or two from him. As he has rightly said, blogging with mobile will leave you with only just a few options, and thereby you won’t be able to blog till the fullest.
      I’m glad you still have my anniversary in mind 😀
      I appreciate your stopping by.

  5. Awesome interview Larry 🙂 Geeks have revolutionized the world we live in and Don Caprio ( I love the name! :D) is a self made man! More success to him and great learnings from this! Thank You!

    • Hi Nikshep,
      It good you like the interview and have gained from it. Believw me, the name (Don Caprio) is a unique one, he’s so good at what he does.
      I do appreciate your comment. Do have a wonderfu day ahead

  6. GeeK Ng is one of my favourite blog I do visit, When I first Meet Don, I really fall in love with how he write exceptional Quality tips as Reqard to Tech, Gadget/ pc. @Larry, u have done well Bro by Kick starting ur Interview Series here @ FTB with the same Niche As you. I can,t waite for the Nexth series to Bomb Out.

    • Hi Onyema,
      Doncaprio’s blog is a wonderful one, and ofcourse, one of those biggest tech blogs in Nigeria. Yes I did have to start this interview series, from basics so as to achieve the main aim.
      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful fay ahead.

  7. Hello Larry and Don,

    Wonderful Interview!

    It’s nice to know about Don Caprio here. Thanks for bringing him here. He is a wonderful blogger.

    I really enjoyed reading here. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day!

  8. Yes Don Caprio is a great guy, we have been together for more than 6years now. He has been a Boss and a Friend..

    Mr Larry Nice interview..

    • Hello Jouslaw,
      Sure Don Caprio is a friendly boss. Did you say six years? :O you must have known him right from capriofiles, and the other forun which he ran then (can’t really remember url).
      I really appreciate your comment.
      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  9. Hey, Larry,

    This is my first visit to your blog, and I’m so glad I came. 🙂

    You’ve published a great interview with Don Caprio – my first time also to meet him – nice to meet him, I must say.

    I think blogging on a smart phone would be very difficult. I’m in my 50s right now and find it very difficult to navigate and click through to different pages, much less the thought of actually preparing a blog post and formatting… I just couldn’t imagine it.

    Your infolinks are distracting for me, while I am trying to enjoy the content.

    Anyway, enjoyed your article and meeting Don. Thanks very much.

    – Carol

    • Hi Ma’am Carol,
      It’s really good you stopped by at my blog to say hi, it feels good, I must confess. Don is a nice person to meet to. About using a smart phone to blog, I do agree with Don, as you won’t be able to access every faeture, and that keeps you a half blogger (lol)

      I’m really sorry, that the infolinks ads, was irritating, I hope you’ll forgive me for that.
      Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate.

    • Hi Kelvin,
      Doncaprio is a nice person, though, I haven’t been opportuned to meet him face to face, but we chat on facebook, I he’s been inspiring all these while.
      It’s a previllage to have met him bro.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  10. Blogging can never be easy at the start just like every other business, i must say i have learnt alot from this interview with Doncaprio (what a nice nick name).

    @Doncaprio you are a model to our blogging generation and as for you my main man larry your blog is addictive this days ooo i dont just know why, anyway keep this up, i can smell more fast growth heading toward this blog.

    Regards: Pelij Elijah

    • Hi Pelij,
      You are right, it never easy at the start, but remember, hard work and perseverance combined with patience is what leads the way.
      I like it where you said ‘Doncaprio you are a model to our blogging generation’, sure he is 🙂
      It’s good that you are getting addicted to my blog, cos I’m really enjoying you over here, you rock bro 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, and have a cool day to spend ahead.

  11. Hi Larry,

    Don is a wonderful guy and you certainly did a wonderful job with this interview…and I found myself agreeing with all he said except one thing…


    You see, for a long time, I imagined that wasn’t possible. However, when I got my iPad and bought the BLOGSY APP, I now do everything blogging with just my iPad now – from typing to publishing. Most often, my PC takes a (long) nap throughout the month!

    Be certain to enjoy your weekend!


    • Hi Akaahan,
      Welcome to my blog, I’ve never used an ipad to blog, so i won’t be disputing that, beside, Ipads are more or less computer, I don’t categorize them in the list of smart phone. 🙂
      it’s good you shared your views though.
      thanks and do have a wonderful day ahead 🙂

  12. Nice to meet Don, through your blog Larry 🙂

    Congratulations on your first interview in the new blogging series as well. Oh my…he surely seems like a tech geek, just as you mentioned, to be using so many gadgets! I cannot work on even a simple smartphone for long, let alone anything else..lol..

    Blogging with a mobile gadget! How can anyone do that I wonder! It’s tough to do up your posts properly as the images and editing take a lot of time, so does the internal or external links.

    Thanks for sharing this with us and good to see our Ahaians there too 🙂

    • Hello Ma’am Harleena,
      Sure Don is a geek to the core.. I was also shocked when I saw the number of gadgets he used.
      Ma’am I’ve agreed with Don that it’s stressful using a mobile gadget to blog.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  13. Hi Larry,
    It’s my first time to hear the name Doncaprio, and he must be a geek aswell. I’ve learnt a lot here, BTW, I never believed that a person can use a whole number of 4 gadgets, then he must be a geek no doubt.
    Thanks Larry and Don for sharing.

  14. what a wonderful interview with Don Caprio…
    He is a boss and a self made man..
    He is evrywere helping people most especially when we use smf back den…
    http://www.naijaname.com Mehn he is really a geek and a consultant…
    I testify..
    For Larry….you shud change ya favicon and logo like he mentioned with time…u have done d most important work anyway…keep on on ya wonderful blog..
    You can still chk my blog out on AfriVilla .com
    Hav a wonderful day ahead


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