When you don’t know something, you ask Google. When you don’t know some things about Google, you ask Oscarmini You are welcome because we have your answer. Check out our list of 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Google:

1. Adwords make up for 99% of Google’s annual revenue.

2. 11 years ago, Google’s advertising revenue was $21 billion.

3. Google scarcely goes down. When it does though, it can be disastrous. In 2013, there was an outage that saw a 40% drop in global web traffic. This means almost half the people using the internet stopped immediately Google went down temporarily.

4. No jokes. It’s actually in their code of conduct. They gladly allow their staffs to bring their pets to work and even let them roam about unrestricted in the office.

5. 19 years ago, we had our very first AdWords Select advertisement. They were for live mail-order lobsters.

6. Google’s pricing mechanism that sees the winner pay the price of whoever comes second started happening as a means of preventing super-inflated bid prices but the second price auctions resulted in higher prices for Google immediately.

7. 10 years ago, Google started displaying adverts based on their previous online activities. User patterns are segmented in 20 categories and about 600 subcategories.

8. 11 years back, 80% of 80 thousand typo-squatting domains were funded via AdSense.

9. Google’s query forecasting models are founded in their plan to understand and forsee AdWords and click patterns.

10. Even if they do not fancy talking about making use of user data, Google is in charge of cross-referencing all things. “We have temperature data, weather data, and queries data, so we can do correlation and statistical modeling,” words from them.

11. When you place side by side with 1999 Google’s index, the index is currently 100x larger but it gets updated 10000 times quicker.

12. 11 years ago, Google cataloged its a trillionth web page.

13. For a translation of one sentence, Google does one million lookups in a multi-terabyte data structure.

14. As a form of punishment for itself for artificial link inflation (paid links,) Google punished their company by reducing the PageRank of its Japan domain from PR9 to PR5.

15. Since January, a decade ago, Gmail has been beating YouTube in market share by United States visits and is the second most known Google property.

16. When it comes to traffic drivers for Gmail – The triple culprits are Google, Facebook, and Yahoo mail.

17. As a form of encouragement to developer teams to switch to new servers, Google makes use of auctions where teams will be allowed to bid many extra computers dedicated to the service that would aid the switch, the winner is the bidding team with the lowest extra computers.

18. 12 years ago, Google revealed that it planned to give $20 million to the first private team to come up with a robot and puts it on the moon.

19. Right now, as you read this, there are about 2 million Google searches going on around the globe. In total, the homepage receives more than 620 million users on a daily basis.

20. Google’s homepage loads very fast. It is even seen as a way of testing the rapidness of various networks. Why this is very incredible because the algorithm caters for 200 factors to arrive at the most appropriate results. And it all goes down in seconds.


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