One household name when it comes to modern technology is Jack Dorsey. He is famous for being the co-founder of Twitter – alongside Noah Glass, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone. He also owns a good stake in a popular search application, Foursquare, which can aid you to locate places in your specific area. He is a remarkably successful coder and is worth close to $2.8 billion. That is basically the business side of Jack, to realize the things you did not know about him, check out list of 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter’s Jack Dorsey:

Jack Dorsey

1. He Used To Be A Model

Before Jack Dorsey began to invent amazing instant messaging platforms or began to revolutionize the payment processing market, he was a popular clothing model. He was on the payroll of some famous, top, luxury brands.

2. He Is A Part Of Disney

He had a stake in the Walt Disney Company too. He even got an invite to join the Company’s board of directors 6 years ago. It was seen as a decent learning opportunity for Jack. He also disclosed that Bob Iger assisted him to make a decision on a management style for his company that centered around optimism.

3. He Created A Software When He Was 15

Jack was involved in the creation of the most popular dispatch logistics software when he was 15 years old.

He had a thing for taxi companies and their dispatching process and therefore decided to come up open-source software way back in the 1990s. Some of the codes used are still relevant today.

4. He Was In Top 35 Under 35

The MIT Technology Review’s Top 35 Under 35 is known for celebrating success. And 11 years ago, Jack Dorsey made the list. This recognition definitely helped Jack to be noticed in the industry but Twitter had already kicked into gear, so it was only a bonus.

5. He Is A College Dropout

Alongside Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey also dropped out of New York University 19 years ago. He decided to move to Oakland to start his personal Web-based logistics company meant to cater for courier, taxi, and emergency services use. Education is not everyone they say, especially the geniuses.

6. He Changed His Style

You might not know before, but you must know now, the current clean-cut Jack Dorsey was formerly dreadlocks and nose ring kind of guy.

He looked so different when he was much younger. But Jack decided to get rid of the dreads and ditch the ring when Twitter kicked off. He had to give users the look the platform deserves.

7. He Loves Fiction

Jack Dorsey did not watch too much TV as a child. But he fancied his fiction novels and read them wherever he went.

He recently said he took the books to football games and read them rather than view the sport. This must’ve boosted his creativity.

8. He Has Interviewed Barack Obama

8 years ago, he was involved in getting Barack Obama on very first Twitter Town Hall. Viewers had to tweet their questions with the hashtag #AskObama and selected questions got answers from the ex-President. It was successful.


9. He Likes Flying

Jack Dorsey is often seen sharing selfies of himself in the cockpit of a plane. He loves flying planes for solo or paired trips, and will always tweet amazing views from the sky on his way to his destination. It has to be his way of relaxation.

10. He Visits Restaurants On A Schedule

This billionaire likes to eat at restaurants. He even has a particular schedule for where he visits on a daily basis. On Monday, his meal has to be at Aziza. On Tuesdays, it will be Zuni, On Wednesdays, Mint will welcome him. Thursdays, Tiburon.

Hope you found these facts about Jack Dorsey, to be interesting. If you have more interesting facts about him, feel free to share it in the comment box below.


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