If you are into the blogging business or authoring of books, you would definitely agree with me that your writing skill is one major factor that determines your level of success. There are a whole bunch of factors that determine how far you’ll go, but when it comes to building a loyal readership and community, you have to sharpen your skills on churning out great contents for your readers consumption.

basic writing improvement tips

Do you wonder how I could easily write a Guest Post for authority blogs and get it approved within a short period while yours would probably sit in the Draft archive of your host blog? Well, that’s what sharpening your writing skill can help you achieve. The PROs are numerous, you could get hired for paid posts and more.

In this quite handy post, I’ll give out 5 basic tips to making/writing a killer article as a beginner. I won’t be boring you with much because I assume you are probably starting your writing career. I’ll make this post as concise as possible while I prepare another article where I’ll share more stunning writing techniques.

Here are the rules to religiously follow in order to improve your writing skills fast.

1. You Must Read Frequently

Whenever I’m not writing or coding, I’m definitely reading up something somewhere. It doesn’t necessarily have to be online blogs, though they are inclusive, you can take out some time to lay your hands on offline Newspapers, Novels and all those. Remember, reading is the single best way to naturally acquire writing skills.

2. You Must Write Often

It’s an undisputed fact from my personal experience that the more you write, the better your writing gets. I hold on to this belief until someone would prove otherwise. Writing only when you want to publish a blog post shouldn’t be developed as a habit. Try to keeps things balanced by writing often, pickup a pen and jot some piece of content in other fields on your notebook. It goes a long way in strengthening your writing muscle, and as with every other art, practice brings about perfection.

3. Don’t Limit Yourself To One Topic

When I say topic here, I mean a niche or category. As a writer, you should be able to write on whatever topic you are asked to. Try using some of your spare time to making research and writing on topics that are not related to your blogging Niche. It tends to widen your scope and bring in more ideas which would be useful in the long run.

4. Always Proof-Read Your Work

Proof reading your work helps eliminate typos and grammatical errors which could scare away readers. One approach to this that works great is getting someone else to proof-read your articles after you must have made them. Sometimes, it gets difficult proof-reading your articles yourself, but hiring someone else for that purpose has proven to be the best bet. I’m not trying to say you shouldn’t do your Proof Reading yourself, If you feel you can achieve same and do not have a budget for a freelancer, why not go solo.

5. Seek Professional Feedback

Yeah! This actually works. Identify great writers and ask them to review/tell you how far you are going with your writing skill. You may not know one thing you’ve been doing wrong. Professional writers would definitely have an idea from their long stay in the trade to arm you with. Embrace feedback, even if it hurts and watch yourself get better.

Your Turn

Improvement come over time, so don’t think that reading this post would automatically turn you into the best writer out there. The only big secret to this is religiously following these basic tips to better writing, and with practice over time, you’ll get good at it.

What do you think? Share with us other writing improvement tips you know using our comment section.
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  1. Hi Oscar,
    Recently i implemented that of writing often either my blog post or whatsoever i just keep writing, and i must comfess i’m not regreting it.
    Your tips are quite handy, I’ll see to that of reading offline articles like news pappers cos i’m already convinced that they’l help.

    Thanks for the big share..

  2. The number 1 point is very important. >> Read Frequently.
    When u read frequently u will have more knowledge of writing and that will improve your writing skills.

  3. Hi Oscar,
    I was propelled by your awesome article to rush to start writing articles for an anbandoned blog, I love your last paragraph as you said one shouldn’t just think that at reading this article he/she will be a good writer. I guess I’ll have to embark on the journey of writing to improve my writing skills as you rightly stated that improvement comes by time.
    Thanks for the big share.

  4. Hello, I like what you are doing. your post is a good one and a practicable one. If not for any reason, but for the evidence of your writings. They speak for themselves. I love reading. I love writing. But l really don’t grab much about this thing… Blogging… Could you put me through on how I can go about it. You can reach me via email.
    Thank you.


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