The title of a blog post or any article can be the difference between your post and another article, and can drive massive traffic and readers to your blog despite the content of the post.

how to write killer blog post titles

There are different things you have to bear in mind while writing blog post titles of which I would be explaining to you in this article. I would guide you through tips on writing killer headlines or great blog post titles as some may call it.

Before I run down the various tips and tricks I apply in writing great post titles that draw readers attention, I would love explain why you need a catchy headline for your blog post.
Your blog post title or headlines is usually what appears in Search Engine results, social media sites, RSS feeds and so on. It is what determines if your link is what reading or should be scrolled over in a search result. If you can master the art of writing compelling headlines, you in turn would increase your traffic and readership to your blog.

How To Write Great Blog Post Titles – 5 Tips

1. Create  A Debate Or Controversy

This really works in grabbing a huge amount of attention from other bloggers in your niche and readers if properly implemented. Controversy is usually one of the things that heightens peoples interests, try to back up your title with tangible points and you would definitely get strong reactions and people who would come over to your blog for the debate. Controversial titles are great traffic tools.

2. Personalize Your Titles

I have received a huge and massive traffic to my blog just because I personalized my blog post titles, here are some of the titles I wrote about”

Instead of Writing

  • How To Make $356 in A Day Using Adsense
  • 4 Adsense Alternatives to Use On Your Blog
  • How To Drive Traffic to Your Blog Without Google

I changed the titles to something more personal as shown below

  • How I Made $356 in One Day Using Adsense
  • 4 Adsense Alternatives That Worked for Me
  • How I Drive Traffic To My Blog Without Google

As you can see, the later titles are more attention grabbing and people would prefer to click on the second sets of titles than the first. Try to personalize some of your blog post titles and watch the amount of attention and new readers you would get.

3. Use Power Words

There are some cool words which if used in your blog post title would grab and draw peoples attention to read the content. Some of such power words are

  • Free
  • Surefire
  • Great
  • Easy
  • Discover
  • Secrets

The list goes on. An Example on using such a word is “Discover the Secrets to Make Money Blogging“. You can even personal such a title to grab more attention such as “Discover the Secrets I Use to Make Money Blogging“. This is another aspect to get a great headline or blog post title.

4. List Article Gets Much Attention

I discovered in my cause of blogging that list articles usually get more attention than ordinary written ones. For instance, I would prefer to read an article titled “20 Ways To make Money Online” to reading an article titled “Ways To Make Money Online”. As you can see, list post really make killer headlines.

5. Use Keywords

While writing your killer blog post titles, try to add your keywords to the titles. This is necessary because your readers get to know more about your post before reading it and it’s a kind of turn on for them to read your article. Also addition of keywords helps give you a better Search Engine Rank Position (SERP).

Now Conclusively, if you can apply my 5 tips to writing your blog post titles, it would go a long way in getting you a huge amount of traffic and dedicated readers. Try as much as possible to keep your blog post titles short also. This tips would hep you achieve attention grabbing Killer headlines and blog post title.

I hope this helps.


  1. Hmmm, this is really amazing Oscar. With these laid down 5 points, i would be able to write out killer blog post titles that grab attention. thanks for this article bro.

  2. Pls Oscar you realy want to injure someone here with this article, so special, superb, nice , dnt knw what to say o.

    Thanks alot, got 2 put this in action.

  3. Hi Oscar,

    You’re absolutely right – these are the basic tips every blogger should follow to write headlines that grab attention. I’d say that it’s because of a post headline that people come to your blog or even click your link…so it better be good enough to want to make them open it in the first place. Because if it’s not – you lose out on traffic and people coming to your post.

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Have a nice day ahead 🙂

  4. I find that if you put a bit of personality in your title it also helps to grab attention then sounding like the norm. What you have to be careful is to make sure that your titles ask a question that most people “struggle” with or have had problems with. I try and create titles that make me think twice or evokes a feeling I could never figure out. Also, go outside the box and really use wording that has a bit of YOU in it too.

    Our writing style dictates how it will come across. So if you have a snarky style, your post title might be a little controversial or as a matter of fact. Or if you tend to be straight-forward, you can use words that frustrated you when you started blogging. Ten times you will find others that felt the same way or more. Mix it up and play with your words to make sure it sounds right, but also makes me take action too.

  5. I sat down and wrote 50 blog headlines using the above tactics. It helped me create an easy way to blog consistently, I just grab a headline. I also made sure to create headlines that lined up with the flow of information I am sharing. So, not only do great headlines help engage the readers, for me it helps keep me focused on what to write next!

  6. Creating a debate is much effective. Being controversial will pull many eyes immediately but you should be careful to check if your ground is firm enough to respond comments. Hahaaaa….

    I also prefer to personalize. This too arouses interest in targeted audience.

  7. Having a eye catchy headlines and using keywords in titles will make people clicks your link. I haven’t personalized any of my titles yet.
    Nice tips covered bro.

  8. Hello Oscar,
    What a brilliant and thoughtful post. I love a catchy title because it not only make your blog beautiful but also attract traffic from other commentluv enable blogs. Thanks

  9. Hello Oscar,
    While reading your article , I was considering “Whether I write my posts like what you have mentioned in this article” and at the end of the article I found that I was not using 2nd and 4th point. But now on I ll use those two too.. Thanxx for providing such a wonderful article 🙂

  10. Hi Oscar,

    You confused me if I’m reading a post about how to make headings catchy or make posts interesting. 🙂

    Because headlines are the first thing most of our readers see (in search engine results, facebook & so on), personalizing heading is something greatly working tips to make it enticing. You’ve offered great examples here.

  11. Hey Oscar,
    Wowe….what an informative post it is indeed..!! I totally agree with all of the above mentioned tips. Among them I think if you are searching or planning to write any post which is SEO proof than you can opt for the last tip of putting keywords. Usually in my blogs I have tried all of the above mentioned and still I am experimenting with each options in my mind.

    Thanks for such a great share.
    Best Luck.
    Charmie 🙂

  12. Not even blog’s headlines, i used to read news on newspaper if the headline can catch my attention :D, you have mentioned very important points. I appreciate the ideas and tips to creating great headlines. Have a good day ahead !

  13. Hi Oscar,
    This is a nice post. There something too which I’ve noticed. I tend to get massive traffic as well anytime I start my headline with ‘why”

  14. Power words. LOVE this idea Oscar.
    I try to build titles around power words and colorful adjectives. Stuff that people can easily imagine,
    Once people can easily visualize your titles you are going to see a ton more clicks.
    Most folks give your title a look and decide in 1 second if they are sticking around or going. Make it compelling!
    Thanks for sharing Oscar!

  15. Hey Oscar,

    Another compelling article from your end and I particularly I’m thrilled about the amazing points you’ve herein shared.

    There’s no doubt that catchy headlines attract visitors and readers to your blog and one thing I know is that, “The start of an amazingly great headline is the beginning of massive traffic.”

    You’ve shared a good one bossest. I’m glad to have come by it.



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