7 Activities That Might Get You Adsense Account Disabled or Banned

    Its No More news that google adsense is one of the main revenue generation means for many bloggers and website owners. Google monitors the ad placed on your website and also your visitor’s clicks in order to ensure that their advertisers get quality customers/visitors to their website. If any suspicious activity is dictated, it will lead to your account termination/ban.

    Now, what are those suspicious activities that might lead to an adsense account been banned??

    We will discuss about seven activities that might lead to adsense account ban/termination.

    #1. Click Fraud: This means clicking on your ads or asking people to click on your ads. It will surely lead to your account ban/deletion.

    #2. Paid Traffic: Buying traffic is against google TOS. Your account might be banned if Google notice that you bought your traffic. Its always good to be real and original with Google.

    #3. Creating Multiple Accounts: Google Doesnt allow one person to great more than one adsense account. If you are suspected to have more than one account, you will be banned from the network. This can also happen when you login more than one account from one computer

    #4. Showing Adult Contents: Google TOS is Strictly against showing Sexual/Adult Contents on your blog/website.

    #5. Popup Ads: Google will certainly ban your Adsense account if you insert you ad code in a pop up window. No two ways about it. Read More

    #6. Displaying More than Maximum allowed units per page: Your adsense account might get banned if google notices that you placed more ad units than the maximum that is allowed.

    #7. Using Link Building Services: The use of link building services to build links to your blog/website might lead to your adsense account being banned/terminated. It is adviced to always be original and natural with Google and its products.

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