Google announced on their Webmaster Central Blog two days ago that they have officially released their first wordpress publisher plugin that would help wordpress users easily incorporate their Adsense codes or even verify their webpages for webmaster tools without having to go through all the geeky processes of editing their blog’s theme files. Below is a quote from their website.

“We’ve heard from many publishers using WordPress that they’re looking for an easier way to work with Google products within the platform. Today, we’re excited to share the beta release of our official Google Publisher Plugin, which adds new functionality to publishers’ WordPress websites. If you own your own domain and power it with WordPress, this new plugin will give you access to a few Google services — and all within WordPress.”

google publisher plugin for wordpress

For now, this plugin supports only two Google products namely, Google Adsense and Webmaster Tools. You  no longer have to worry about placing your Adsense codes in your theme as you only have to install the plugin, input your publisher ID and select where you would love your ads to be displayed encouraging better conversion rates and in regards revenue.

For now, the plugin is still a beta release and probably would get updated with more features in my opinion. I would expect to seeing them come up with support for features such as the Youtube, Google Analytics and Google + products.

You can find the Google Publisher WordPress Plugin in the WordPress repository or click here to download.


  1. Amazing innovation by Google….. This plugin will suurely make things easier for adsense publishers and optimizing ones blog with webmasters Tools… 😀

    Thanks for sharing..

  2. Oscar, Perfect! This is exactly what I have been looking for. No better way to test and tweak, without all the geeky stuff/duties you noted, editing your theme.


  3. Hello Oscar,
    This is definitely a brilliant piece of information. Webmaster tool is one place I visit quite often and now that it can be integrated into our blogs, it makes things less rocky. Will check it out and see how it works. Do have a nice day buddy..

  4. Nice post Oscar. Really love what you are doing, its really nice hearing about this.

    Please can you help me with this your mobile theme? I love the way your homepage is looking on mobile, am using mobile press too but the old design tweek to my taste but wouldn’t mind adding some few features to it like yours or if you can teach me how to add list of post without summary like those under your forum news category on homepage. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

  5. I would say personally this plugin favours me. I was about to change my them and the thought of having to enter my Webmasters code manually was giving me concern. From here I would move to my dashboard to install it.


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