How To Insert Images In Nairaland Post

Nairaland no doubt is currently Nigerian most visited website and also the largest forum owned by a Nigerian and most times people want to find their ways around the forum, looking for ways to easily display images in their forum posts/reply.

If you fall in this category, don’t worry as I would teach you how you can display an image in your nairaland post easily.
There are currently 2 ways to display images in a Nairaland post and I’ll explain them below.

Ways To Display Pictures In Nairaland Forum Posts

Method 1: This method involves you making an attachment of the image you want displayed in your reply.
After typing your post, scroll down to where you’ll see Attachments (below the submit button),
– Click on any of the Browse buttons
– A dialogue box would appear, navigate to the folder where the image is saved and select it.
– You can now submit your post and image.

Method 2: This procedure is simple and requires you to upload the image on any image sharing site such as photobucket, the copy the image’s link (URL) from the image hosting site.

When you make a post on Nairaland, insert the image link in the nairaland image BB code as shown below.

[img] Image Link [/img]

That’s all you need to display an external hosted image on nairaland.
I hope this helps.