Setting up a signature in Blackberry Curve Smartphones

It is quite easy to set up an email signature for your Blackberry Smartphone , in this post, i’m referring to the blackberry Curve Smartphone.

How to Set up Email Signature on your Blackberry Curve Smartphone just like Mine

1. Visit the home screen of your BlackBerry phone.

2. Move the trackball right to highlight “Messages.” Press down to select it.
3. Press the BlackBerry icon key, then select “Options.”

4. Move the trackball to highlight “Email Settings” then press it down.
5. Scroll down to “Signature” then press the trackball down.

You can now Type in your new signature using the keyboard.

Press the BlackBerry key again, now press “Save.” Your new signature will be saved.

Hope you would always come back for more Blackberry Tips.