Top Applications You Must Have On Your Smartphone

There are certain apps we have on our phones that does things that make people surprise and help us a great deal in our day to day activities that the purpose of this thread. I opened it so we can share the names of such apps and their uses. Let get started, as for me i use both java and android phone and i got some few apps which i like to share:

1. Blueftp: i use this app to transfer java apps to other phones, normaly you can’t transfer java apps you have already installed if you using a java phone but with this app i can do that, i also use this app to create themes.

2. Collins dictionary: to me this is the best dictionary for java phones, it far better than oxford(file size is 8mb).

3. Ezreader: i use it to read both pdf and word documents on my java phone.

Now i use an android phone let me list few apps i got that maybe helpful to some people.

1. Feem: i use this app to transfer files to my pc and files from my pc to my android phone via wifi.
2. Sybla tv to watch satelite channels
3. Mobogenie: to download youtube videos. I would stop here list yours.