Why You Are Not Getting A Stable Traffic on Your Blog

Every Blogger wants to get high traffic to his or her blog. You might have spent alot of time trying to build traffic from various sources to your blog. But the worse happens when instead of your traffic to grow, it drops very much. Some bloggers might get Fed up and decide to quit not knowing that there are some practices and tips which will help the Stabilize or draw a minimum Pageviews they get or obtain in a day.

If you are not getting a stable traffic or your blog traffic reduces often it means you are not practicing the Tips Below, Notwithstanding, Here are Few Practices which Will definitely Help you Stabilize your Blog Traffic Stat.

#1. Regular Posting: Posting Regularly on your blog is a good way to stabilize your blog traffic. But you should know the difference between Quantity and Quality. That is to say, you should know the limit you post so as not distract your readers which unworthy posts.

#2. Backlinks: Building Backlinks to your blog is also a good practice which can help stabilize your blog traffic. Backlinks Helps you drive targetted traffic to your blog. If you have quality Backlinks, you are sure of targetted traffic to your blog which on the other hand helps to stabilize your blog traffic.

#3. SEO: SEO is basically categorized in two parts. “On Page Optimization” which includes Keyword Research and Analysis, Page Specific Meta Tag Creation(Title,Desc,Keywords), URL & Link Structure etc. AND “Off Page Submission” which includes SMO, Directory Submission, Blog Posting, Blog Hosting, Blog Commenting, Article Submission etc. Working On Both Categories are neccessary because If you are missing any part then you will get not higher ranking google and other search engines.

#4. Sometime If you dont have anything to post on your blog, your traffic tends to reduce. Nevertheless, You can do somethings to help increase them. Stuffs like Sharing your Posts on Social Networks and Recommending your articles to others can be of help.

#5. Keeping in touch with your visitors and readers is a great way on traffic stabilization. How to do that? Read your Readers’ comment, reply them, try to bring out a discussion in the topic via comment box, let them say their mind and you say yours. It gives a way to two ways communication between you and your readers thereby bringing them back which in other words increases/stabilizes your blog traffic.

#6. Working On Your SERP: SERP means Search Engine Result Page. This has to do with the page number you find your website or blog in on search engines when certain Keywords are being queried on Search Engines. Your blog should retain a good position in Top SERP. This is because if your competitive Keyword Ranks Top in SERP, you will gain a Stable Traffic.