You would agree with me that an inexperienced blogger would log into his/her dashboard, click on create new post and write on any topic that comes to his/her mind with the mindset that “blogging is passion.”  On the other hand, this is not true for an experienced and full time blogger that makes a living blogging. One fact you must hold strong to is, unless you optimize your blog posts for consistent, constant and continuous traffic, I’m afraid you’re working in vain.

optimize blog post for traffic

If you’ve been trying hard to achieve this, I’m here to assist you. Remember the lies you were told when you started blogging that “Content is King“,  but Content without Traffic is equal to Content without Money. How do I generate traffic – money? There’s no doubt, the key to this is identifying your audience, creating topics of high quality and value,then a lot of content marketing gets your posts to your audience’s reach.

Below are some few yet effective methods that would constantly drip traffic to your blog post if followed.

1. Optimize Your Post Titles

There’s no better place to start your on-page SEO technique than the blog post title. Without stuffing too many keywords on your title to make it almost unreadable, ensure your target keywords in the title. This tactic helps to increase position on Search Engine Results; if you’re using blogger platform just follow what I laid above, whereas, WordPress users may need to install SEO plugins and enter optimized titles.

Another thing you need to focus on when optimizing your titles is how to catch the attention of anyone who comes across. Learn how to create attention grabbing titles here.

2. Page Description

This contains the summary of the information contained in your blog posts. When writing the page description, it should contain the target keywords too. In WordPress, the page description should be written in the description field of your SEO plugin while on blogger you can find it at “Search Description” by the right when creating a blog post.

The better your page description, the higher your CTR and this equals more traffic.

3. Permalink

Ordinarily, permalink is the URL of your blog post. Ensuring that your keyword is in your permalink is very helpful in terms of SEO. On blogger, go to the permalink tabs and choose custom permalink. Then enter your desired permalink which contains your keyword only. In WordPress, before setting the permalink ensure that you have set up SEO friendly permalink structure. On the dashboard, go to Settings > Permalink > Post Name and click on save changes. This is the best permalink structure to use in wordpress.

When creating blog posts go to edit then under the Title of the post’s field, change it to your desired permalink.

4. Play Around Your keywords

I have also learnt that using your target keywords within the first paragraph of your blog posts tend to drive in more traffic. So, I’ll advise any blogger aiming for traffic to give it a try. Nonetheless, its effect may not be felt. All things been equal, do not over stuff keywords in your blog post as this can have bad effects on your blog ranking.

5. Internal Links

They are links that point to an existing page on your blog or domain. Ordinarily, internal linking of blog post and  pages allow users to navigate from one page of your blog to another,but the hidden truth you might not know is the fact that they also help to spread ranking power too.

Internal linking between blog posts help in spreading Page Rank, Improving the Domain Authority of your blog and more. These would in turn improve your search engine traffic. It’s as simple as that.

Below are some tips you have to bear in mind while optimizing your blog post.

  • Links in un-parseable JavaScript cannot be crawled effectively by SE bots
  • Links in flash, java applets etc. are not accessible by SE bots

Note that SE bots have a limit of 150 links per page to crawl. If you stuff a page with too many links it’s definitely of no use and BTW, who would be that crazy to link to 150 URLs on a single page.;

I hope to seeing your blog at the top. Have any comment or contribution? Use the comment box below to let us know.


  1. Wow, this is really cool.

    SEO remains the big god of traffic and before one can satisfy the god of traffic that is Google one has to make some sacrifices.. Lol

    Some of the sacrifices are the points you have mentioned…

    Friendly permalink is a very good sacrifice and you have really showed how to go about it. On-page sacrifice looks sometimes tedious but it is a very good thing at the end.

    Also about keywords, one should always ensure the keyword used should always begin a paragraph because it really brings in constant traffic.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Wow! You come here too? Now, that’s the way to go. Being everywhere is actually the key if you ever are gonna succeed in this business. Kudos man! Btw, “There is no victory without a sacrifice” You’ve got to go through all these listed processes to actually get a result in terms of constant traffic flow. What say?

  2. Hey Presley Aduwenye,

    You have said it all and this is a really cool article i must say!

    Having my target keywords in the first paragraph of my article is one cool thing i ensure and WordPress SEO plugin will even advice you to do that.

    As for internal links i think am at fault from that end as i don’t like stuffing my post with too much links so i seldom add a few that matches the keyword in my post but this post has changed the way i reason about internal links and will make possible changes where necessary.

    Thanks for the article.

  3. Thanks for this wonderful tips, writing without people seeing ur post is one the reasons people quit blogging because its really frustrating. 😉

  4. Wow nice one bro. I like dat of internal links. Infact I make sure I link at links 1 on my every page of browsing.

    • That’s good to hear. Keep internal links in check and you will see improvements in bounce rate, organic traffic, ranking power etc.

  5. This literally a bomb post! Kudos on writing this great guide man. Just what I need at this time when I am doing further research on doing proper SEO for my blog post in order to get quality and organic traffic. Thanks for this share man and I sure will do well to implement all the shared strategy even though I’ve been doing some of them, I’d just intensify my efforts. What say?

  6. Very very good post, touched all keypoint on SEO…

    Optimization of blog post should be on every bloggers mind, it’s of no use to write a very wonderful content and let it die on your blog…

    You touched all necessary things needed to get that post ranking, linking to pages in post, Permalink( which I do not know before now), Playing around your keywords, Page description…

    All these if done properly will ensure posts get ranked.. Thanks for sharing on

  7. Hi Oscar,

    Thanks for this wonderful article post on BLOG POST OPTIMIZATION. All the point you talk about are really great and helpful. There is no doubt that if all this tips are been implemented in a blog post, one will surely be guaranteed of INSTANT TRAFFIC.

    Out of all the points/strategy, Internal Links building is one aspect i don’t joke with. I ensure proper interlinking of old post in order to increase the article post authority in SERP and also reduce bounce rate.

    Internal link building go along way in helping the article SERP & also increase page-views. PAGE DESCRIPTION too should not be ignore

    When it comes optimization of POST TITLE, DESCRIPTION & TARGET KEYWORD, the best and easy way to handle this is through the installation of SEO PLUGINS like “All-in-One-SEO, WordPress SEO’ and so on.

    Thanks for sharing this article post with us and have a nice weekend

  8. Hello bro…..
    After going through several of your blog posts today i must say they are an eye opener for me. I mist move from only focusing on my blog post quality to the seo of a thing. Thanks bro, i will sure drop by next tym for more lectures


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