Are you broke? Do you plan to set up a new business, or do you want to travel? Is your landlord on your case or do you plan to get that brand new phone as soon as possible? Listed below are the Top 5 Best Loan Apps In Nigeria to give you that cash you badly need for you to pay at a later date.

1. PayLater

This app allows you to have total control over your finances with just a few clicks. You are free to access short-term loans for quick needs, engage in investments of cash to earn really high-interest rates, purchase credit on your mobile device, and pay bills for all kinds of services. It is rapid, dependable and safe to use. Available in Nigeria and Ghana.

2. Quick Check Loan App

This is a lending and credit system app developed for small business enterprises and private individuals. With the app, you receive immediate available funds of N30K and below for 15 to 30 days with no collateral provision. The app can be found on Google Play.

3. Quickteller Loan Option

Quickteller is one of the most trusted means of payment in Nigeria. They began a short-term loan package aiding Nigerian citizens that might require fast cash to meet specific needs in time with no hassle whatsoever, paperwork protocol, or collateral needed. Receiving loan from Quickteller can be done via your mobile devices, tablets and laptops. There is also an option in the central banking app or via their website to request for little loans.

It is quite straight-forward to use. To begin the process, just dial *322*6# and follow the prompt. There are 2 options available, “Request Loan” and “Borrow Airtime.” or you can just access

4. Creditville

This app guarantees immediate loan for verified workers in Nigeria. You are provided information on how to get quick loans in your country with this app. The highest cash you can receive is N250k and the most extended lending period is 1 year.

The app grants you the chance to three different kinds of loans. PayDay loan, Business loan and Cab Lease. All details on these types are provided on their website so choose the one that suits your cash needs.

5. SnapCredit

Nigerians get to use this app to apply for loan online. The percentage rates for Snapcredit is according to the amount you borrow and the repayment deadline. You are not going to face the stress of waiting a long time to receive your money as the loan is collected minutes after application is approved and validated.

As for repayment, visiting a physical bank to get this done is not necessary. It is much more comfortable here. SnapCredit deducts the agreed cash owed from your salary monthly.

Something to note though, since these applications are there to suit your loan needs, and do their bit in giving you assurances, ensure you read the terms and conditions attached thoroughly so you can be confident of what you are getting into.

There you have it – the best loan apps in Nigeria. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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