Before I start listing out the best Kodi add-ons out there for sports, I will put you through the knowing what Kodi is all about. Take your time and read through.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Sports

Kodi is a software application built by XBMC foundation as an open source program, which means its commands can be changed. The software was initiated as a home-based multi-media player application. This app technologically serves as a double agent, whereby it gives you access to internet content without restrictions and also as a central hub for media players.

Back to the order of the day, the Best Kodi Add-ons For Sports. Yea a lot of us are sports lovers. Have you ever been bothered on how to go about watching football matches during the football season? Kodi is here for you to catch up with every exciting moment of the season. Without much delay, I will release to you the best so far from Kodi addons for sports.

Best Current Free Sports Add-ons for Kodi

In this article, I have decided to pick up some of the best Kodi Add-ons for the sports lovers that are based on the topmost add-ons I use. Feel free to also add to this list in the comment section as I’d love to hear from you also. So without further ado, here’s my list of top and best sports add-ons for Kodi.

1. Pro Sport: Are you an NBA, NHL and/or NFL fan? If yes, here is the right one for you!

2. WWE On Demand: This is another platform for you. It grants access to replays from previous plays and also the latest PPV blockbusters.

3. SportsDevil: In this add-ons, everything is nicely categorized which simplifies your search to get what you want.

4. Planet MMA: With this platform, you have access to every major event. Planet MMA is initiated to bring you the fast-paced action of MMA.

5. USTVNow Plus: USTVNow hooks you up with Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC and lots of other channels.

6. Halow Live TV: This particular add-on gives you access not just to sport streaming even the movies too, with a responsive streaming quality inclusive with an excellent reputation.

7. Sportie: As the name implies, it is the best sports add-ons as it offers you a mix of diverse sporting events. Whereby you can access a whole lot of Sportie and due to this, it worth exploring.

8. Bennu: It offers you with NFL games. Bennu fills in the void quite nicely.

9. Just Sports: this one contain wide sports contents. Guess what? It also has an amazing streaming functionality.

10. Chronos: It is an amazing live sports, concert and variety add-on. The image quality is something to write home about.

11. Supremacy Sport: This is specially brought down to the table of the world sports fans. It uses some other streaming links for a more explicit display.

12. Rising Tides: Another favorite add-on. This add-on provides you with an excellent display quality of sports videos, images and lots more. It has a lot of sports content around the globe and it has almost all that you need. Go for it.

13. VidTime: is a good source for sporting events such as the hockey, basketball and UFC matches. Inclusive with match highlights and replay just for you.

14. Fox Sports GO: Yet another outstanding add-on for streaming live sports and gaming videos. And it exclusive for those in the USA but something can be done about it with the use of VPN.

NB: I will always advise you to get yourself protected online. Search out for better VPN (Virtual Proxy Network) to use side by side with Kodi, as to enable watch and stream freely without interruption. It is highly recommended for you to use a VPN to keep your traffic safe. You can go through our earlier post on the Best VPN in 2018 and feel free to choose the one that suits your want.

Don’t forget to comment and share this post cos someone, somewhere might be in need of this post. You can as well drop your best Kodi addons for sport so far. Enjoy the surf.


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