In several industrialized nations of the world, e-commerce activities contribute a considerable percentage to the GDP of these countries. These developments have mostly been caused by rapid ICT growth in these developed nations, and Africa is slowly but surely catching up with the rest of the world in this regard. Even with the continent’s terrible governance, incredible corruption, and weak infrastructure, some nations in Africa still do their best to make boss moves in ICT, which has led to the quick growth of e-commerce activities in this part of the universe. Nigeria is one of these countries at the forefront of e-commerce activities in Africa and here is the list of Top E-commerce online shopping sites in Nigeria:

1. Jumia

This online store had to make a list. Established in May 2012, this is Nigeria’s Amazon. It proved its popularity in a country as big as Nigeria when Amazon’s Alexa named it the most visited e-commerce website in Nigeria. Every household need is on this website. Ranging from Phones to Electronics, Laptops, Fashion items, Dresses e.t.c. There is always something to capture your attention and make you spend some money whenever you visit.

2. Konga

This website is also big like Jumia. It was founded in the year 2012 and has since grown to be one of the go-to sites for online shopping in Nigeria. Its adverts dominate almost all the advertising platforms you can think of. Bags, Electronics, Tablets, PCs, Female Shoes, Perfumes, Watches, Beauty and Personal Care, Baby toys and so on are some of the products on display to suit your needs. Competitive prices, on-time delivery, and reliable payment methods are reasons you should do business with them.

3. Kaymu Nigeria

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Not as popular as the biggest online stores out there but they are getting there. Established in 2012 by Africa Internet Group, it is a marketplace for everyone to sell their products online. When buying and selling on the site, you get to deal with people from your city and from all over Nigeria. You also get to purchase and sell amazing things online. Buying or selling amazing goods from whatever category you seek, such as Fashion, Electronics, Jewelry, Accessories, Books and millions is the order of the day on Kaymu.

4. Dealdey

Launches in 2011, it features a daily deal on the best things to do, eat, view and purchase in Nigeria. It is an unusual and exciting way to get fantastic deals on dope experiences. It is a platform that offers massive support to local businesses and a customer’s product. Their motto is straight-forward — They aid businesses to be located by consumers seeking a great deal.

5. Bayport

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Launched five years ago, it has done its bit to cater to a wide demographic of youths and young professionals. They even claim to be Nigeria’s preferred online retail store.

Bayport has local businesses as partners, and they display their goods on their websites to a wide audience. By so doing, the businesses reach lots of customers. Bayport is also known for being sponsors of the popular reality TV show, Big Brother Naija.

6.VConnect Nigeria

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Formerly a business listing website in Nigeria, VConnect recently launched an open marketplace for its business to showcase its products and services. This e-commerce website also provides its customers with other relevant services like Logistics and Payment aid.

7. Kara

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One of the major online stores in Nigeria. Thousands of Nigerians visit this website on a daily for buying this or selling that. Kara offers a massive collection of everything Phones, Electrical and power products e.t.c. All this at very decent prices. It is also a marketplace that features owners to flaunt and sell their products.

8. OLX Nigeria

The favorite online store did not go with the norm, instead, it provides an information-filled environment for buyers and sellers to discuss and do business. On the platform, sellers can design and post ads under the specified categories it belongs to.

To be clear, a seller can place an ad for a Home Theatre under the electronics category. These ads and their categorization give OLX a structured design that allows for a quicker way to locate products of interest.

9. Jiji Nigeria

Founded in 2014, it is a platform that provides a straightforward solution to sell and buy almost anything. As a business owner or seller, you are allowed to share free classified ads of your goods and services for no amount on the website and derive maximum efficiency in terms of reach and profit.

10. Wakanow

This is Nigeria’s leading online travel agency. Launched as far back as 2008 with a motive and objective of “bridging the gap and inefficiencies in Nigeria’s online travel space.” Wakanow provides Nigerians with up-to-date local and international travel information including flight plans, airport pickups, hotel reservations, flight plans, and the recently added VISA procurement. It also partners foreign agencies to deliver standout vacation holiday packages.

There you have it. The list of top E-commerce online shopping sites in Nigeria. If you feel we missed anyone, feel free to let, us know in the comment section below.


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