Similar to the way we have automated homes, that are well Teched out, hostels can also be Teched out. Improving technology in the hotel is one of the ways hotels owners stay on top. With trending hotel technology, hostel owners are able to serve their customers better. There are reduced stress and more comfort for the customer. In this article, we explore a list of top hotel technology trends to look out for.

hotel technology trends

1. Biometrics

Biometrics involves the use of parts of the human body parts with unique make-up as a form of identification. The Invention of the biometric system of security has eliminated the stress of inputting passwords, pins and other forms of stressful identification. Biometric facilitates seamless authentication.

Applying a biometric system of identification in hotels makes checking in and checking out a whole lot easier. Hotel owners would able to identify guests with ease. Guests would be able to unlock rooms, payment and lots more.

2. AI and Chatbots

AI-powered chatbots is another hotel trend to look out for. Many hotels today are making use of chatbots to interact with their customers. Chatbots allow hotel provides to real-time assistance to potential guests, who are seeking information on the services rendered by the hotel.

Chatbots feature answers to frequently asked questions. These questions and answers are usually set by the hotel owners. They are sourced from the questions that are frequently asked. There is no delay in answering. Questions asked are answer triggers. Usually, chatbots are available 247, they are very reliable in meeting the needs of questions, answering most of the questions asked by potential guests.

3. IOT (Internet of things)

Internet of things simply put, is connecting every electronic appliance to the internet, allowing users to control home appliances from one device. With the Internet of things, hotel owners can automate hotel rooms. Lighting, radio, air conditioning, TV and lots more.

With the internet of things being integrated into a hotel system, hotel owners would be able to respond to the needs of their guests, from just a tap. Instead of having to walk down a long passage, to help hotel guests with the Air condition, hotel attendants can switch the air condition on, right from their handheld devices.

4. virtual Reality

Virtual reality is let gives people an illusion that they are in another environment. This environment is virtual. The technology of virtual reality lets potential hotel guests inspect the rooms they wish to rent, before going ahead to make purchases. With virtual reality, potential customers are able to get a 3d view of the rooms in a hotel. They are able to view the components of a hotel room in 3d space. This way potential hotel guests are able to make flawless choices.

5. Mobile Apps

Having a specially designed mobile app is one of the technological trends you will find these days. Mobile apps provide information about the hotel in no time. Potential guests do not have to call customer care all the time.

Hotel Mobile apps usually feature sections for hotel booking, sections containing the price list for each room available in the hotel. Shy potential guests who do not like speaking to customer care, do not have to go through the hassle of speaking to one. Everything they need is embedded in the app. All it takes is a few clicks.

6. Holograms

After a long time of being futuristic, holograms have started becoming a trend. They have been adopted by many companies today. Hotels have also started featuring hologram attendants in their receptions. Hologram receptionist is actually very cool. They give fascinated guests a reason to come back.

7. Voice Tech

Using Voice assistants is another way of making hotel guests at ease. There is a reduction in the number of calls made to the front desk. When programmed, smart speakers provide necessary answers to frequently asked questions.

Today we have a numerous number of voice assistants, with the major ones being Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana. All hostel guests need to do, is use their questions as commands, after yelling the key phrase, they will get the answers they need in return.

So questions like wi-fi password, when breakfast is served, availability of a spa or gym, restaurants in the area, hotel activities and lost more are answered by available voice assistants in the hotel.

Voice is a great solution to avoid unnecessary calls to the busy front or hotel guest services desk. Of course, if water runs out or the guests next door are too noisy, there’s nothing Alexa, Cortana, Siri or Google Assistant can do about it, but they can surely alert staff.

8. Hotel Cast To Device

One of the most used mottos for the hotel, is ” A home away from home”, so a typical hotel with good standards, seeking to make you feel much at home, should feature most of the tech you have in your home. One of such tech is casting. Hotel guests are able to cast media content from their devices unto their TV. This way they won’t be subjected to watching content controlled by the hotel attendants. Hotel to cast device is gradually becoming a technological trend in hotels.

9. Robots

Still, on the topic of top hotel technology trends, Robots have begun replacing receptionists in front desks of Hotels. With the increase in the advancement of artificial intelligence in robots, hotel owners have been able to program likely answers into robots. This way robots will be able to answer questions related to the hotel. Apart from being hi-tech, most hotel guests end up being thrilled.

10. Tech-Enabled Meeting Spaces

Gone are the days were meeting spaces required only a table and chairs. With an increase in tech jobs, the needs of hotel guests have changed over the years. Having a tech meeting requires more than just a table and chairs. Hotel guests usually require projectors for presentations and also video conference call enables devices. This need isn’t synonymous to only tech workers, but to all workers in general. This need was born out of technological advancement, which has made having meetings a lot easier.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of top hotel technology trends to look out for. If you have knowledge of other top technology trends, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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