Are you one of those bloggers who do not backup their blogs from time to time? This could be of a great risk, because, loosing your blog and all it’s content can be devastating. It can even discourage you from venturing into blogging anymore. It is therefore necessary to back up your blog always.

several reasons why you need to backp your blog

You would sure agree with my various reasons why you need to backup your blog which I would be explaining below;

Reason #1. Security Attacks
By the time your blog begins to get popular, the more the so called H4ckers target your blog ad try to gain forceful access into your blog. This could be dangerous as you don’t know what is the next move or loop hole they just discovered. It is therefore necessary you install a BackUp plugin to your wordpress blog such as the Backup Buddy which helps to send you your blog backup daily to your email address or send it to another server, and this way it’s taken care of every day without you having to do anything extra works.

Reason #2. Webhost Server Issues
Imagine something happening to your Web Hosting company and they do not have any backup to any single file on your blog, this is just a way of loosing your whole efforts over the years in a single second.  This applies to self hosted blogs such as those using the wordpress.

Reason #3. Blogger Deleting Your Blog
Blogger might simply decide to delete your blog without your prior notice . This is one reason I dislike blogger. Won’t it be nice of you having a backup incase you fall prey for this.

Reason #4. Virus Attack on Your Web Space
You might encounter malwares and virus in your webhost from php scripts or other web applications you installed into your web hosting server. Some of such Virus can be as deadly as deleting your blog and all it’s content in a split second. If you tend to notice viral attacks on your blog, it is advisable you contact your web host to run a scan on your account.

Now you see the various reasons why you need to make a backup of your wordpress blog? Loosing your whole blog in a day without a backup can be an awful incident. Make it a habit to backup your blog for at least once a day.

I hope you find this article helpful.


  1. hello DON4MULAR,

    thanks for the post, i thought i should mansion, i good
    plugin i will recommend for backup purposes
    is the Duplicator, is free and works
    like backup buddy, you might want togive it a trail
    and tell me what you think 🙂


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