While vacations have traditionally been a place to disconnect from the lives we left behind for the beach, it is becoming increasingly more acceptable to bring your devices and tech along with you when you get away. In fact, many developers are developing apps targeted directly at traveler types as a means to fill a niche for those who have no issue carrying their phone in one hand and a drink in the other.

Top 5 Apps for frequent Fliers

While there are some golden standards out there that you can’t live without if you are a frequent flier, we’re talking Google Maps, Uber, and others, there are some really unique apps out there that fill in the gaps of your vacation quite nicely. In order to find some of these deep cuts, I spoke with the online travel company JustFly. They gave me their five favourite “off the radar” travel apps.


If there is one thing that everyone hates it’s jet lag. While the effects range from routine annoyance, to crippling exhaustion, it’s something that everyone can agree should be avoided if possible. While everyone has their different remedies, few are backed by anything beyond hope according to JustFly’s review. Developed by the University Of Michigan, Entrain gives you the science you need to avoid the jet lag you don’t. Simply put in your travel dates and destinations, and Entrain will give you your ideal sleep times, duration and recommended exposure to light. It isn’t witchcraft, it’s just science.


Getting a sunburn sucks. While sunscreen can help you avoid the burn, sunscreen, the app, can tell you when to apply. By determining the UV level at your location, this app literally will count down to when you need to add another layer of protection from the Sun’s harmful rays. All it needs to know is the SPF of your sunscreen and your complexion.

Onavo Extend

This may sound like craziness, but JustFly swears it works. Onavo Extend actually somehow compresses your data, helping you save on sometimes insane data prices. This app is perfect for those who don’t want to subscribe to costly data plans, or will find themselves out of wifi just for brief periods of time.


Who doesn’t like sending or receiving postcards? While you may not know how to use mail services at your destination, this app makes sending postcards really easy. Simply snap a photo, write your message, and Touchnote takes care of the hard work, making sure your postcard gets to where you want it to go. The service itself is pretty cheap, and can be done with just a phone.


Sometimes when you are on vacation you need to give someone a piece of your mind. While you may know all kinds of creative terms in your own language, you might have a hard time articulating yourself correctly in a foreign one. That’s where Swearport comes in. This handy app helps you discover potty mouth words in all kinds of languages, making it possible for you to avenge yourself or your friends no matter where on the planet you are.

I hope you find this list handy. Please do let me know what you think using the comment section.


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