If you are a Symbian OS freak like I am, I believe you must have come accross the font applications which help you to change your smartphones default font into something wonderful. I’m a lover of the Lucidia font. This tutorial would guide you on how to change your symbian s60 devices fonts without the use of any symbian application.

Before posting, this has been confirmed to work on Nokia 5233.

Steps to change symbian fonts without apps

1. Download any of your desired fonts on the internet. You can make a google search for symbbian free font downloads. After this, make four copies of it.

2. Now Open “z:\resource\font” in your mobile phone storage directory using any file manager like Xplore.
You must have notice the four files below.

. s60snr.ttf
. s60ssb.ttf
. s60tsb.ttf
. S60ZDIGI.ttf

3. You have to rename your desired custom font files which you copied with the same extentions with the same extentions with the ones above.

4. Now copy your Custom font files intoto “E:\Resource\Fonts”

5. Restart your Symbian Smartphone.

(Note: If your phone is hacked use”open4all” patch in rompatcher,
and if its unhacked, connect to PC in mass storage mode.
Recommended :use a custom file manager eg. X-plore, modo, to
To Get the z:\ directory, on ur Xplore,Press “0” then mark “Show Rom Drives”…. All the best

Make sure you tell us the font and symbian smartphone you tested this tutorial on using the comment box.


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